Daily Nugget of Gold 987

Daily Nugget of Gold 987


The Open Minded Skeptic


What do you think?  Are most people open minded?  Are most people skeptical?  Are most people both?  Are most people neither?  How about you, are you truly open minded?  Are you skeptical in nature?  We would submit to you that most people are probably neither.  Let’s explore that a little.


Let’s look at open mindedness first.  Do the people you meet seem receptive to ideas that might contradict their beliefs?  Let’s take an easy one first, “You have to work hard for money.”  Do people who have decided that this is true, are they likely going to change their minds? Here’s another one about money, “You have to have money to make money.”, what about that one?  Do you think people who have that belief are open minded? 


What’s the likelihood that we are going to find a church going Christian examine all of the faiths carefully and choose Buddhism or Islamic beliefs instead, or vice-versa?  Most people choose a religion which can be found readily within a stone’s throw (to speak) of where they grew up.  Cultural differences as in what someone usually enjoys eating might be much the same. 


If a person is open minded, however, they need to be careful of what choices they make, don’t they?  Being skeptical, but open minded might be a better approach than just going with the localized crowd on things if we want to end up closer to the truth.  If someone was born and raised in a prison, they would have a pretty warped sense of reality, wouldn’t they?  If you were born in China, you’d be speaking Chinese, wouldn’t you?  Environment has an awful lot to do with what we become, but environment is a very dangerous foundation on which to build our beliefs, as the prison example we gave illustrates.


Being truly open minded means that you are slow to come to any conclusions about anything as important as firm beliefs.  Oddly enough, being reasonably skeptical produces that same result.  Being both means that you are also willing to re-examine the facts from time to time to verify your past decisions as to what you believed as new information presents itself. Were you as open minded and as skeptical as you thought you were before we began this discussion?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to make sure I keep and open mind and also maintain my healthy skepticism?”


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