Daily Nugget of Gold 988

Daily Nugget of Gold 988


The Divorce


No, this isn’t about a man and a woman, or any combination thereof, this is about the divorce of religion and science.  At one time religion and religious dogma controlled the scientific community, a couple hundred years ago. It was considered a crime to speak out against the opinion of the church on such matters and all too often the penalty was death… or worse! (Yeah, it could be worse, torture and then death was a less attractive option!)  But all kidding aside, it was not something many scientists dared to do- to speak out against the church’s official beliefs.


A few brave souls took the first arrows in that battle and as a result we have science dealing in what we can demonstrate to be likely true on a scientific basis (Real scientists shy away from calling anything “proof”, only because they have been whacked in the seat of the pants a little too often when they did) and we have religion dealing with matters of faith and Spirit.  Some scientists, believe it or not, still go to church!  Shocking, yet true!  Some religious types love science as well, and so it seems that as far as divorces go, at least by now it seems fairly amicable.


Science took the freedom that their divorce gave them and flourished like never before.  We made huge gains in our understanding of things once scientists were free to work on all of the physical things of our universe.  We have had zillions (well, lots) of amazing inventions as a result of our never-ending quest for a better understanding of what things are made of.  Think of the rapidly increasing progress we saw so far in electronics, for example.  Holy cow!  (Sorry, church crowd, we couldn’t resist)


Churches did pretty well, also- there is still a yearning in the human soul to be in touch with our Creator, and this divorce didn’t do much- if anything- to have people abandon religion or belief in general, did it?  Something is happening on the horizon which is going to shake both the foundation of science and the way we view religion as well, and it’s headed our way as fast as the computer revolution took hold and changed society. That’s going to be our next topic.  Stay tuned!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Where is the truth to be found, in science or religion?”


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