Daily Nugget of Gold 989

Daily Nugget of Gold 989


The Quandary


We spoke about the rather well-publicized divorce of science and religion in our last meeting. What’s interesting about this is that this divorce left hard feelings on both sides, science resented being controlled by the church and wanted freedom, the church wanted to maintain religious validity and control, so neither parted gracefully.  Right after that, however, the freedom science was enjoying was paying off.  We made huge strides in understanding the physical world and how it worked and the inventions that followed were the fruit of those strides.


Science was feeling pretty good about itself until something happened with a seemingly innocent experiment called (“The infamous”) Double Slit Experiment.  This experiment now has been duplicated and replicated more often than probably any other experiment, just because the results were so shocking to scientists.  In this experiment, scientists found that matter- particles actually, were merely a “wave of possibilities” or a “wave of potentials” unless we measured them or observed them, and then at that point they became “particles” or “matter”. This didn’t sit well.  To say that is an understatement, heavy hitters like Einstein spent an awfully large amount of time trying to disprove the resulting theories that emerged from this experiment, known as quantum theory or quantum mechanics, but the best shots they took at disproving them turned out to show that these theories were closer to the truth.


Why did scientists rebel against a scientific experiment?  Why were scientists like Einstein so fearful of this extraordinary new knowledge?  Because they saw a hint, and just a hint, that Spirituality might have something to do with reality.  Why all this fuss over something that might, just might, point to the possibility of a Spiritual connection?  That needs to be held in light of that nasty divorce we were talking about before.  Scientists didn’t want to allow the church back in to play a role in science anymore and that feeling was then and still is very much the predominant one among scientists today.


Still, the experiment has been replicated enough times that in spite of how baffling it is to the scientists who’ve run it, the results are well established. Matter is not what it appears to be. It is, as Einstein would later in his life relent, apparently nothing more than an illusion. (He added that it was a persistent illusion, just the same.)  An illusion?  Boulders, mountains, the Sun, the planets, human beings, plants, animals, water- all of it just an illusion?  Really?  What’s next?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


If matter is just some sort of an illusion, what does that mean about and for me?”


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