Daily Nugget of Gold 990

Daily Nugget of Gold 990


What’s Next?


Okay, so we had the divorce between science and religion, and then we had a startling discovery sometime later that things aren’t what they seem.  Before, during, and after that discovery we’ve seen science push the envelope, as it were, and help us create this modern world in which we live with countless inventions and new things being produced constantly.  Still, science cannot ignore the results they got with the double slit experiment (There is plenty of info on this to be found online) which showed that matter apparently isn’t what we thought it was, but rather it is some sort of illusion.


That discovery has to mean that we don’t fully understand what the heck is going on yet, and that our studies on physics have been woefully incomplete, thus far. Sure, we’ve made great progress in understanding how to interact with our physical world due to science and just when we were getting cozy with it all, along comes this experiment which apparently shows that the physical nature of physical things ain’t physical.  Yowzers!


So what’s next?  Is there going to be a chance that science might have to again deal with Spirituality playing a role?  It might!  Look, it was admittedly a very messy divorce.  Don’t be thinking that today’s scientists- most of them at least, are looking to have a reconciliation and tie the knot again, not anytime soon- or anytime at all- most of them would tell you.


What if there are no other answers for our non-physical universe that we thought was real, rock-solid, and definite?  We already knew that atoms make up everything and that what we saw as “solid objects” weren’t really solid, but we were not expecting to find out that even tiny atoms weren’t “real” as in “matter.”  Alright, let’s say science doesn’t get back together with religion, let’s say that science stands religion up at the alter even if the two might seem to be made for each other after all… 


Scientists are a community of people who have developed a nasty habit of allowing inertia to rule because no one wants to be considered a “nut job” in the scientific community. It could take scientists 200 or even 500 years to agree with that even if it is the answer. What about you? What about you right now? Suddenly enlightenment through meditation doesn’t seem so kooky, does it? If there is just a chance that life is actually Spiritually based, don’t you think that we might benefit from finding out for ourselves now, on an individual level? Meditation, for some, has offered that answer.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What is this reality I find myself in?”


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