Daily Nugget of Gold 991

Daily Nugget of Gold 991


Absolute Right and Wrong


There are shades of gray in the human experience, we’ve heard said, and to most people, that rings true.  What about the concept of something being right and something being wrong, however?  Are there times when we can say something is right or wrong and just leave it at that?  There seems to be a great deal at stake in our understanding the differences here, and even some human activity trying to justify what might be wrong and condemn what may be right.  These concepts are never a simple as they seem, but also we have this moral clarity of a gut feeling we talked about earlier that helps us make the right decisions if we’ll only listen to it.


What about a person who steals a loaf of bread.  Are they morally right in doing so?  What if they are starving, though- what about then?  How about if their kids are starving, is it morally correct in that case?  What if a man’s wife were being held hostage by someone who threatened to do her harm if he did not comply and rob a bank?  One thing is for sure, the moment we attempt to establish an absolute right and an absolute wrong on anything, that’s when the exceptions to the rule come out of the woodwork.  We’re not saying that the exceptions are or are not valid, we’ll pass on walking through that mine field. 


There seems to be an innate quality of intuition to fall on the side of good or right.  No one is really sure why this is, but it may have something to do with our built in ability to discern which is which in any situation.  The reason things like this matter is because when we wish to be successful at anything, we want intuition to play a role, to lend a guiding hand.  If we guess incorrectly about some situation, one of those judgment calls we make on things that are a mixture of right and wrong- say something is 25 percent right, and 75 percent wrong, then we will likely find intuition failing to kick in. 


As we go about our days doing the all the things we do, we want to be careful to be more right than wrong for that, more than many other things, will have much to do with whether or not we are successful.  The right and wrong we’re talking about here is about our intent.  Let’s make sure we intend to help, not harm.  We should want to intend to build up people, not tear them down.  When we work on the side of what’s good and right, we’re given permission to still be human and still have intuition helping us out of the jams we get into.  When we work to undermine people, when we work to betray others, intuition, it seems, turns a blind eye to us.  Which would you prefer?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Although I’m imperfect, what can I do to insure that I do what I do with the best of intentions?”


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