Daily Nugget of Gold 1007

It is never too late to give up your prejudices”  – Henry David Thoreau


Daily Nugget of Gold 1007


An Open Mind on All Subjects, Toward All People


Really?  Really?  Hill could NOT have been serious with this one.  An open mind on all subjects, toward all people?  This is more important than financial rewards?  Really?  Well…let’s try and see why Napoleon Hill included this in his list.  First, let’s discuss briefly the point that probably came to many people reading this.  Most of us know people who have money who are closed minded as all get-out.  We want to remember that while money and material wealth are part of this discussion, the focus of this topic are the things in life that constitute true riches.  It might be nice to have material wealth, but without true riches, our lives are likely very meaningless and quite empty. 


Being open minded on all subjects and toward all people isn’t as easy as it seems.  We usually have all sorts of preconceived notions about things and people, many hard formed beliefs which we would have to set aside in order to get to this point.  For example, how do you feel about polygamy, war, drugs, and veganism?  How do you feel about royalty, robbers, executives, and draft dodgers?  We’re not here to say any of these things or people are right or wrong, only to point out that we have formed beliefs about them.  Beliefs are a sort of firm conclusion that we’ve come to.  It’s natural and operationally sound to form beliefs, they probably keep us sane, but Hill’s point here is that it’s also important to keep an open mind just the same.


Huh?  How can we do both? We should be skeptical about new information we’re presented with. That skepticism will keep us out of trouble, of course.  It’s equally true that we need a healthy dose of skepticism about our own beliefs and how we formed them.  That’s being open minded.  Let’s be prepared to part with our conclusions if new evidence comes along which clearly contradicts them, but let’s also be careful not to prejudge. A close minded person will miss much of the wealth life has to offer. When we see something that might not weigh in our own minds, it seems that a better approach than simply looking away might be attempting to see it from the perspective of another, or even just a different perspective altogether.


While this form of wealth is not easily obtained, it is worth having.  We would not be completely wealthy without it.  Think about this for a while- especially if you are inclined to disagree.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to maintain healthy skepticism yet keep my mind open?”


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