Daily Nugget of Gold 1011

A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.” – Bill Cosby


Daily Nugget of Gold 1011


Manipulation to Acquire Money


Some of us see corporations as inherently evil.  Others among us see one political party or another as wicked.  Still, others look at the perceived evil in the greed of the wealthy, or instead, in the greed of people who seem to be unwilling to work for a living.  There are people out there who see it one way or another and which way they see it often depends upon their economic station in life and which way of thinking might benefit them the most in a financial sense.  These, we may note, are all things which concern our physical reality.


Today we live in a world where government has the unprecedented ability to gather huge volumes of information about our every activity, they are able to track our communication with each other in ways they have never been able to come near before.  They can see much of what we’re doing, both online and as we move about in the real world.  Depending on your perspective, the day has already arrived where this information is being used against us, or that day is fast approaching, OR there is a strong possibility that the information that’s gathered will benefit us somehow.  We suspect that people of that last group are in a distinct minority, but surely at least among the information gatherers there must be some that feel that way.


It strikes us that any form of manipulation of others in order to acquire wealth at least borders on the sentiment behind “The love of money is the root of all evil”.  True wealth, as Napoleon Hill’s list would indicate, isn’t acquired through manipulation of others, although money can be and often is.  We spend a great deal of time here in this format talking about The Law of Attraction.  Think about it:  True wealth is something we attract to ourselves, not something we garner through manipulated means.  True wealth nourishes the soul, and never perverts it.  True wealth is something which we share openly and freely with others, not something we can keep only to ourselves even if we could.


We realize that we might have stepped on a lot of toes with this one, but a deep, long, healthy look into our Soul from time to time might be a good thing. What is true wealth?  Is it just money?  Or is it something more- something wonderful that’s meant to be shared in order to reap it’s true blessings?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Why do I wish to become more wealthy than I am right now- even if that’s just a little more?”


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