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Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” – Mary Tyler Moore


Daily Nugget of Gold 1024


What does it take?


We’ve been presenting ideas on how to change, how to do something significant.  We have been going over how simple it can be- how to farm ourselves for ideas and then how to begin following through on those ideas.  We’ve all had these sorts of ideas and, for the most part, we have had experiences where someone beat us to them and succeeded with “my idea”.


As we look at the potential for people to be on a mission, a labor of love, doing something they could easily pour their heart and soul into- we noticed that most people have all the raw ingredients. In fact, it’s probably closer to all people than most. 


Imagine if you will, a vast parking lot.  In this parking lot are 100 separate piles of firewood.  In each pile of firewood is some very flammable kindling. Gently blowing is a warm summer breeze bringing oxygen to all of them, but not overwhelming them.  How many of these piles of firewood are going to just ignite and become an inferno?  None of them will- unless one (or more) has a spark.  Yet, everything else is there.  Do you know anyone like this?  Do you know anyone like this, intimately?


The Start of our Fire is Desire


In order to get our own little pile of wood going, we need a spark.  We need the desire to do something more, to be something more, to have something more.  We’ve got to want change.  We’ve got to want it so badly that we will risk being blown out by the breeze.  We’ve got to want it more than we value having all our friends like us.  In short, we have to want it in our bones.  We have to be consumed with the want to change things- or otherwise we will sit dormant until the forces of nature take our ability away.


On the bright side, asking for a spark isn’t asking too much, is it?  Are we being too demanding?  Do you think you are capable of yearning a little bit? If you think so- then you might be on your way.  If not- then may we ask politely- why read these if you aren’t?  We’re not so sure we can make a spark and place it in your heart, but we are fairly certain we can nourish one that already exists and gently provide enough oxygen and dry fuel to get it into that wood pile.  From there?  Who knows! The results might just surprise and delight you!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Can I find a spark of desire in me?”


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