Daily Nugget of Gold 1026

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself” – Max Ehrman


Daily Nugget of Gold 1026


Exceptionally Wealthy


We think most folks would agree that wealthy people have more than most other people do.  We think that’s true, too.  We’re going to examine some of the differences that can be found between a wealthy person and an impoverished one. 


Wealthy people see things differently.  How could they not?  We’re not saying that wealthy people have a higher IQ than the rest of us, but that folks who are truly wealthy see opportunities where many of the rest of us only see problems. 


Wealthy people appreciate what they have even if it’s meager in the view of another.  Truly wealthy people don’t compare “their pile” those that another may possess.  Alright, you probably let us slide on the first observation- but this one?  It might seem to you to take the cake. You might be thinking that there are all sorts of “wealthy people” out there that do nothing but compare—but we would like to gently point out that if there is a need to compare- then there is also insecurity and possibly some envy going on and neither of those things are the products of wealth… they are the products of impoverishment. 


We aren’t going to go on from here and describe the differences between true wealth and other states of mind- but we are going to finish that thought- that wealth indeed is nothing more than a state of being, a mental state of being at that.  Having money doesn’t make one wealthy any more than a Hollywood star feels loved and appreciated just because they have a lot of fans.  Some of those folks are the loneliest, most depressed people on earth in the midst of “having it all”, right?


There’s nothing unseemly or disgusting with wanting more material wealth or having the finer things in life.  There IS however, something unseemly or disgusting in thinking that these things are the ultimate measure of the human spirit, they are not.  Realizing that fact and believing it with every fiber of your being is one key of many to enjoying the wealth you have.  Like the fish taken out of the water, the only way some of us will ever appreciate what we’ve got is to be suddenly without it.  You aren’t such a person, are you?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


If wealth is an attitude, how do I foster, grow, and develop that attitude much further?”


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