Daily Nugget of Gold 1027

I cannot, if I am in the field of glory, be kept out of sight: wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps.” – Horatio Nelson


Daily Nugget of Gold 1027


Things Most Aren’t Aware Of


Our primary mission in life here is to help as many other people find their own mission in life and to help them get started on it.  We wanted to refresh our memory about some natural laws which will help us if we take advantage of them in this process.  These laws are very reassuring and dependable, but we would be the among the first to point out that many people don’t use them with faith- or haven’t even heard about them. 


Let’s begin with the great one: The Law of Attraction.  This law is relatively simple, yet it’s effects are far reaching.  Whatever we are emotionally thinking about- or more accurately- feeling- is what we’ll be bringing into our reality.  It’s reassuring if our thoughts are on those positive things we want more of, but the challenge is getting to and staying in that kind of mindset.  It’s possible to do, however, and people do achieve this all the time.


Another is The Law of Reciprocity.  If we put forth an effort to benefit other people, then there must be a blessing of some sort conveyed back to us.  When we benefit other people’s lives- we are sharing our wealth, even if it is not in monetary form.  Nature abhors a vacuum, so by the very design of things, something must be drawn back into our life’s experience at least as important and useful as what we give out in our service.


The Law of Compensation is a close cousin to that law in that we need not worry about how or in which way we’ll be compensated for what it is we do- and while the law is not limited to money, it has no problem providing it if we need it, or other suitable riches not only in proportion to our needs, but above and beyond them as well.  This is usually conditioned on one thing we ought to be aware of- when we do what we do, we want to give of ourselves or what we have available to give with a glad heart overflowing with joy.  Feeling we “have to” give because we are “forced to” or feeling the need to sacrifice to give can interfere with the return we would otherwise receive.


The Law of Growth (Also know as “The Law of Sowing and Reaping”) is another important law to be aware of.  It says that when we make a genuine effort to bless others, those blessings come back multiplied.  It works the same way as the earth takes what the farmer gives the earth (the seeds) and produces hundreds or thousands of times more by adding the wealth of- well- you could say, “Nature” or “God” or “The Universe”- you pick the one that your belief system works best with.  Once again, the law is utterly dependable, completely trustworthy, but our intent is key.  If we set out to scam our fellow human beings, we will be the bigger victim!  If we seek to bless others, then we ourselves will be blessed.  What a neat thing this is, isn’t it?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to get these natural laws working in my favor?”


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