Daily Nugget of Gold 1029

Objectivity has about as much substance as the emperor’s new clothes.”  – Connie Miller


Daily Nugget of Gold 1029


Here We Are Again


Yes, we have actually covered this a bit before- but let’s jump back for those who weren’t around or for those who may have forgotten this… our non-physical selves.  We speak of us a flesh and blood human beings, and that’s true, except that when the life is gone from the human- that flesh and blood no longer function as it did.  To folks who view the world as a mechanical thing, and our bodies as mechanical entities, that life-loss event some call “death” can be pretty traumatic.  Or at least it seems it can be, heck- we’ve observed that most folks believe that once you cross that line… well- their ain’t no coming back.  Since life is energy and energy can neither be created or destroyed, there might be a clue there for us about what’s really going on… but that’s a subject for another day.  Can we agree on this one point?  A person’s personality is a non-physical thing?  To you?  Perhaps- or perhaps not. Let’s continue.


Suppose we had the technology today to remove your brain from your head and place it in a box which provided every bit of nourishment and waste removal, everything it needed to stay alive.  We’re probably rapidly nearing that day since we already can do this with other parts of a body, at least for a while.  So we put it in this box and connect up to the nerves coming into it all the signals you are getting right now.  Our senses of sight, touch, warmth, cold, pressure, balance, sound, taste, smell- wait! Did we go over five?  Sorry about that.  Yes, ALL of the senses, even those most people forget they have- are nothing more than electrical impulses on nerves coming into our brain, true? So if we duplicate the signal, otherwise known as the information or data those signals convey, then you would see, hear, feel, etc. EXACTLY what you believe is real now.  Except none of it would be real, of course. 


Everything you can imagine is real.”  – Pablo Picasso


Shall we stop the ride and let you walk around a bit?  Some of us may be getting a little queasy at this point.  Scientists and physicists feel for you on these issues.  Nothing comes to them, either, except through these channels, too- and all of it is non-physical in it’s nature. All of it.  It’s just information.  Non-physical stuff.  You should feel sorry for those scientists! 


Well, at least they know they are getting the information through physical nerves and that physics is indeed involved.  Atoms, molecules, and all that, right? Sort of.  The ride continues next time.  (Sorry- arriving at the place were we show how dominant the natural laws of the Universe, or better put- of everything there is, isn’t a destination we can arrive at until we begin to understand what is actually real and what isn’t. Oddly enough, science is indeed coming to grips with their lack of knowledge on this subject.  Slowly.  Ooo!  Here comes a tunnel! Duck!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How exactly do we know that “reality” is real?


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