Daily Nugget of Gold 1044

We use 10% of our brains.  Imagine how much we could accomplish if we used the other 60%!” – Ellen Degeneres


Daily Nugget of Gold 1044


The Process of Thinking


Most of the time- we think we think, and we do- to some extent.  The reason what we are about to go over again- organized or disciplined thinking techniques is so important, is that it is the method by which we can tune into an unlimited amount of ideas of unlimited quality.  Anytime we are referring to some sort of “double infinite” you can take that as your cue to pay deep, vast, and careful attention.  This is big.  This is beyond the scope of our ability to comprehend- if we can contemplate how large the physical universe is- then this goes beyond that.  Okay, hopefully we have you thinking.


Organized or disciplined thinking is an extremely simple thing to do.  We make it easy on purpose, because we want to develop the habit of doing it rather than just focus on the awesome ideas you will get by using this method. We want to open up the faucet all the way and have the ideas gush from the pipeline and they will!   We just don’t want to screw on a low-flow device at where the ideas come out.  Take your challenge, problem, what you want to do, be, or have and put it on the top of a page.  Spend 5 or 10, maybe 15 minutes and come up with 3 ideas. Write down whatever comes to you, do not discard ANYTHING. Write every idea you get down, if a forth one pops in your mind, get that one, too- and so on.  Dumb ideas, crazy ideas, ideas that absolutely will not work, foolish ideas, impractical ideas- all of them- write them down.


Do this for 30 days. Between day one and day 30 a transformation will take place within you that you wouldn’t expect.  It’s probably about 10 or 20 days into this- you’ll begin having ideas come to you at all hours of the day and night.  Write them down as “bonus” ideas.  You’ll need pen and paper or some other means of capturing them, too.  Continue doing this for the entire 30 days.  At minimum, after 30 days you should have 90 ideas, and ideally- more.  Want to get a laugh?  Look over how dumb really are- but you DID write them all down, right?  Keep them- some ideas are dumb, but some of the dumb ones are not-so-dumb.


Please remember, more than any other factor- what stops people in their tracks on the road to success is the habit of choking off the good ideas that don’t appear to be good to begin with.  Soon after we start doing that, the ideas we are left with are often 2nd rate.  Then folks complain that they can’t come up with any good ideas after they’ve thrown the best ones in the trash.


Thinking is the highest function of the human mind- and we are hoping that our somewhat less than gentle suggestion here on how to do it starts you on this habit. Remember the double infinite we began here with?  Here’s another- your potential for success is unlimited, and so is your potential to have a much more meaningful, richer life.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to make sure I reach my fullest potential- starting today?”


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