Daily Nugget of Gold 1045

As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Daily Nugget of Gold 1045


In the Aggregate of Thoughts Lies the Magic


Aggregate”- adj: 1. formed of separate units collected into a whole; collective; corporate OR-   formed by the collection of units or particles into a body, mass, or amount.  Yes, we know many of the folks reading this know what the word means- but just in case- we figured we’d give a couple of definitions plucked from the web.  We think that a mistake many people think is that the magic lies not in the collection of thoughts, but an individual thought where one person just “got lucky” with “the big idea”.  Some of the success stories we’ve seen of young teens were not about them finding just one great idea and exploiting it- but finding idea after idea and successfully turning many of them into very profitable ventures.  We guess those folks would have to be “super lucky” right?


One of the aspects of our own mission in life is to expose the lies, myths, and limiting beliefs that keep people in bondage.  That some people are just “lucky” is one of the biggest misconceptions there are out there. They aren’t lucky, they aren’t just fortunate- they are doing something most people are not.  They have the same basic equipment we all do- their mind- and they are using it in a different way than most folks do- that’s it.  That’s where “luck” lies.  If we want to become successful in life doing whatever it is we want to do, one of the attitudes we will likely want to adopt is to stop being dishonest with ourselves regarding other people’s success.


All of this sounds well and good, but how do we come to the realization that we are no different than the most successful people out there, that we have the same chances of succeeding as anyone else?  We do it through research which proves it to ourselves beyond a shadow of a doubt.  We don’t mean to get anyone depressed in that we have the ability but won’t use it- we only want to encourage people to mimic what the most successful people among us are doing differently and to benefit from it.  Ideas aren’t hard to come by- not that hard.  We all have access to them and it doesn’t take a genius to think of them.  It just takes a commitment to think of some ideas in a regular, organized fashion to begin to have those wonderful ideas bless us as well.  Yet… sadly, in a way, almost no one will heed this call. Almost.


It’s only about one percent of us who make things happen, just one out of a hundred.  We are being brutally honest here.  It’s true!  The biggest misconception running– no, wait– “misconception” is too soft a word– lie– the biggest lie out there is that we don’t have what it takes to be one of the “lucky few”.  We do.  The decision is entirely ours.  We just want folks to know that this thought is not nearly as pleasing to most as the lie we tell ourselves- that for some reason we don’t have access to success on the grand scale. We’ve got to stop lying to ourselves about this if we ever want to change the paycheck to paycheck nightmare many of us live in today.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


When should I get started farming ideas so I can find the great ones, too?”


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