Daily Nugget of Gold 1046

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds.” – Norman Vincent Peale


Daily Nugget of Gold 1046


How to Use a Radio


We were thinking of how best to convey the simplicity of getting new, marketable ideas and it came to us.  We’re all familiar with the idea of radio waves, right? We understand that there are radio stations with broadcasting sites, and antennas and that if we are in the range of the broadcast signal, we can hear the music, talk, and let’s not forget about the commercials they broadcast.  All we need to do to hear any particular signal is to set the radio to the same frequency that the station is on, and BAM! We’re hearing what they are saying or doing, true?


We think that a major mistake that people make about ideas is that they must be formed in our head, not actually received by our mind.  Many of us don’t believe in things like telepathy, but there actually have been many rigorous, scientific experiments which show evidence for it’s existence.  We’ll grant you, “mainstream” science isn’t there yet- not entirely.  Just the same, the exciting part of scientific discovery doesn’t lie in what the mainstream has accepted as real yet, discoveries are always at the fringe of what’s “known”.


Okay, while we’re speaking of what’s accepted in the scientific community, we ought to present the concept of having a taboo.  Whenever people rope off an area of research because of long-held beliefs, the only thing that takes place is an expansion of the role of ignorance.  Fortunately, mainstream science was confronted with one of the most baffling experiments they’ve ever seen and still- some 70 or 80 years later- there are dozens of theories as to why they got the results that they got.  This has forced people in the scientific community to become more open-minded if they wanted to have a prayer (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) at arriving at the truth.


All along your author here has been working under the premise that the non-physical is fundamental in nature, that our physical world isn’t exactly what our senses have been telling us.  Science DOES back us up on that- big time.  Further scientific research will be needed, that much we know- but for now?  Do a little research of your own.  By coming up with at least 3 ideas daily and writing them down on whatever problem you wish to solve- you will take that “radio receiver” you have in your mind and tune it into the frequency you need to be on in order to have those specific ideas come to you.  How cool is that? Remember, don’t discard ANY ideas, write all of them down.  They are all potential gold.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What are the three ideas I can think of to solve the problem I have today?”


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