Daily Nugget of Gold 1048

First, master the fundamentals.” – Larry Bird


Daily Nugget of Gold 1048


Living in a Thought Universe


For us humans, it’s incredibly hard to imagine something that our senses deny.  The computer or device you are looking at, right now- you know from your schooling that it’s made up of atoms, for instance.  When we were in school (Okay, many of us still are) and we were told about these atoms, these little bits of matter- most of us were shown what resembled solar systems consisting of electrons making their way around a center or nucleus of each one.  Most of us also imagined that this- that the electron proceeded about it’s orbit in a regular, smooth, and for the most part- unchanging orbit. The science books of today show a different picture, however. 


It seems that the electron cannot be located as to where it will be solely based on where it’s been, from moment to moment.  Further, they seem to pop in and out of existence as well, and if it leaves one orbit to go to another level- it does so instantly without going through the intermediate space. The picture in the science books today are a nucleus surrounded by a cloud of where the electron might be at any given moment.  Could be here, could be there, we don’t know for sure where it will be.  We also used to think of an electron as a thing, a little bit of matter- but we’ve come to understand it as an electrical charge now, and nothing more.


In the past few weeks, we have been addressing how non-physical laws seem to govern the physical universe, that these laws are somehow more fundamental than the things we see and interact with daily with our senses. Scientists were fairly happy that we were finally getting a deeper understanding about physics as described by Sir Isaac Newton, when along came the discoveries in the 1920s about the non-physical laws that seem to be the primary causes of physical events.  Needless to say, many scientists including Einstein were aghast at this.  It’s discomforting to find your own core beliefs challenged and that’s exactly what happened through the experiments concerning quantum physics. 


For us, for the lay-people, perhaps it would just be easier to accept that all of the things we see, all of the things we touch and interact with have at their basis a common source- thought.  Actually, this isn’t such an easy leap to make, but for those of us whom have always believed that there is a Spiritual basis to life- the leap isn’t a big one at all. To those people who believed that we are just some chemicals which happened to combine and life began in this “primordial soup” of some slime somewhere, this isn’t going to sit well.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that evolution didn’t exist, just that it doesn’t explain the existence of consciousness.  We are at interesting crossroads here, though, aren’t we?  No longer can we say with complete credibility that thought doesn’t matter. In physics- the action of thought upon the physical world has been scientifically shown to effect the outcome of matter. That’s pretty bizarre, isn’t it?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Since it seems thoughts matter, how can improve on the quality of the thoughts I’ve been thinking?”


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