Daily Nugget of Gold 1050

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi


Daily Nugget of Gold 1050


Mastery of the Positive Attitude


A young boy once told his father, “Dad, I think I flunked my math test today.” and the father wanting to help him said, “Boy, that’s being negative, why don’t you rephrase what you said in a positive way?”  To which the boy exclaimed with enthusiasm, “Dad, I’m positive I flunked that math test today!”


There’s a problem most of us have when it comes to keeping a positive attitude.  We look around and we see the negative circumstances, events, and people in our lives and we become immersed in that negativity.  We make what seem to be doomed attempts at being positive only to be overwhelmed with negative turns of events at every corner.  So how do some people manage to pull it off and not others?


Your author here is no better than you are, but we are able to be positive more often than most people for a couple of reasons.  If you take the time to learn how to do this, you could do it too, if you don’t already.  Many of our readers could do it far better than we can, even.  Some folks have a marvelous head-start we didn’t have.  What are the secrets for being more positive, as well as happier, more content, and joyful? Let’s start with the heart.  Any time we hold grudges, suppress anger, keep bottled up hurt in our hearts- by definition there’s less room for joy.  Whatever we hold in our heart eventually will make it’s way out- and if it’s a negative feeling it may taint our relationships, it could harm our chances of advancement, or even take a nasty toll on our health.


A positive attitude is often nothing more than a reflection of a heart overflowing with joy and love.  Forgiveness of others and of ourselves is an awesome first step we want to take to begin freeing ourselves from the negative parasitic thoughts which could lodge in our heart and cause our world to seem more negative than it actually is.  Forgiveness is letting the anger, hurt, sadness, and stress go.  It’s deciding that holding these feelings isn’t worth the price.


When we free ourselves of the control that negative people and negative events can have on us, we also make positivity a more attainable state of mind.  When we look at our difficulties with an eye for finding the opportunities they contain, we invite these opportunities to our doorstep.  If we are looking at our difficulties for the misery they bring, we will wallow in that misery and drag others down into it with us.  Do we really wish to live like that?  Having a bright sunny disposition isn’t something to be learned in a day, but it is something we can begin right now and make little changes that will add up.  It gets easier as we go along, too.  Lastly, we can testify that it’s so worth it.  It’s a wonderful thing to be happy almost all the time.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I let go of right now which will put me in a better state of mind?”


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