Daily Nugget of Gold 1051

Your happiness is a gift because it literally brings out the best in you” – Robert Holden


Daily Nugget of Gold 1051


The Lifetime Happiness Project


We want to let you in on a little secret- while a few people manage to be happy almost all the time, we don’t think there is anyone who has ever achieved true perfection in regards to this.  We guess that makes sense because it seems that no matter what the subject- real perfection does seem to be an elusive goal.  Even if a person bowls three games of 300, for example- a person who has achieved that level of perfection probably also recognizes that some of those balls could have been thrown better- even if all 10 pins fell over in each turn.  That might seem to the rest of us to be a bit nit-picky- but when you are at the top of your game in anything, you recognize tiny flaws and make corrections even when the outcome is the desired outcome.  Suppose some of those pins wobbled only a little bit before falling, and came close to not falling, would a master be completely satisfied?


Okay, first we want to dispense with the notion that we came here to talk bowling, it’s just a good analogy on how masters always finds room for improvement even when most people would call their level of achievement- “perfection”, and happiness is no different.  Most people we’ve heard would describe the author here as a happy guy, and for the most part- they are right.  We’ve just given this aspect of our life more attention than some people have and as a result of that attention, we’ve made progress.  By no means have we arrived at perfection, however.


Becoming a truly happy person isn’t as hard as it may seem.  Anything we put our attention on, grows in our lives.  If we seek to turn even unpleasant, unfortunate, and unforeseen events into learning experiences, ways to develop our sense of humor, or find opportunities in them, then we can be happier.  Looking at a negative thing or event as a great gift to be unwrapped, taken apart, and reassembled into something positive and meaningful is one such way to stay happy even when things go wrong.  In this way, the bigger challenges produce even greater results than the smaller ones do. 


While nobody hopes for negative circumstances and events to come their way, a healthy attitude in regards to dealing with them effectively can actually reduce the frequency of their occurrences through workings of The Law of Attraction.  That makes the whole project of staying happy even easier. Staying happy almost all the time is a skill anyone can learn.  Yes, at first it’s very awkward, just as driving is when we first learn how to do it.  While this skill takes a bit longer to master than driving, the reward of an irrepressible inner joy is well worth it.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to turn a bad situation into a good one?”


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