Daily Nugget of Gold 1052

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill


Daily Nugget of Gold 1052


Pessimism or Optimism- Which is the Truth?


Oh, if it were only easy to “Think happy thoughts” and good things would result.  Any solid pessimist who’s ever tried this can testify truthfully that it can’t be done.  Yet- any eternal optimist can tell you that thinking along the lines that everything will always work out in the end always seems to work for them and this is the truth.  Now for the part where we come in and mess with you, our readers. They’re both right.  But how can that be?


Your author is pretty optimistic, most folks would tell you.  Some will tell you that we are optimistic to a fault.  What fault would that be?  Believing things will go right when they won’t.  Okay, that’s the version of events as they (those that find fault) would find to be true, that’s not what the author’s personal experience is, however.  Do you see how complicated this can be?  What we are talking about is that there are multiple truths.  That statement alone is enough to cause many minds to slam shut.


What we want to keep in mind is that our own personal experience- good OR bad, positive OR negative all hinges on that one immutable law, The Law of Attraction. The reason why it never seems to work in the favor of a true pessimist is because of their pessimism.  When someone who has been a victim rather than a beneficiary of The Law of Attraction their entire thinking life is told to think “happy thoughts”, they know from their past experience it doesn’t work. 


What we’re saying is they may have overridden the conscious mind’s predisposition for negative thinking but because any habit we wish to install must be done again and again and again until it has seeped deep into the subconscious mind- there is a major roadblock to having that happen.  It takes a great deal of patience AND it takes one more thing- the willingness and ability to stop believing in “reality” for a spell.  That reality is the “truth” as their senses have shown it to be. 


It’s really no different than helping a baby learn how to walk.  If the baby falls down, do we allow them to give up?  Why not?  It’s obvious that the truth is that they can’t walk.  That’s the reality, isn’t it?  Yet, no matter how many times they try and fail we keep encouraging them to do it again.  As Anthony Robbins declared, this is the “Magic Formula”.  Magic, in that it can turn a pessimist into an optimist, but only if they are willing to change long enough and often enough to have those changes take place in that deeper part of their mind.  In order to do this we must be open to the possibility that there is a “different truth” other than the one we KNOW in our hearts to be true.  It ain’t easy, folks.  It IS possible, however.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


If what I think creates my reality, then how do I change that reality?”


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