Daily Nugget of Gold 1053

Science is nothing but perception.” – Plato


Daily Nugget of Gold 1053




Our last session dealt with the difficulties we face in changing a belief system which has been formulated by our personal experience and our take thus far on how we see things to be.  Suppose three people wore goggles that were strapped to their head since birth.  One of the sets of goggles is tinted yellow, the other is tinted pink, and the other is clear. Wouldn’t it be true that each person would believe that what they see is reality?  Do you see how difficult it would be to explain to the person wearing the yellow tinted goggles that what they see isn’t really the way things are?  Or the one wearing the pink goggles?


If someone tries to think positive, but their experience turns out to be negative and they chalk that up to “The way things are” in repeated fashion- what can we do to convince them that their thinking- their emotional assessment of how outcomes work- is the determining factor?  The answer is- would seem to be, “it’s not easy”- although that we just gave answer actually contains the same conundrum as we were just talking about.  If we believe it’s difficult- then if our beliefs make it so.


Very few of us, indeed, walk around with clear goggles.  Isn’t it true that most of us have allowed our experiences build memories, and then we organize those memories into a belief system concerning how reality works?  We take our goggles and shade them a little more each time- we make these judgments on what our experiences mean and we never stop doing that, do we?


Perhaps the best way to escape such a reality is to fall back into the notion that we are not so much on a physical journey as a Spiritual one.  Suddenly the day to day stuff we see as a “reality” takes a back seat to an even deeper reality- “What does it all mean (life), from a Spiritual perspective?” 


We’ve rather enjoyed the quandary that physicists have had to deal with about matter not being what they thought it was, that objects are illusions that don’t appear to become “real” until we interact with them.  For us, it made it far easier to accept that the beliefs we carry with us and operate under actually create the reality we find ourselves in.  If we accept that as being true- or even just being possible- then we can begin to change our reality by messing with our beliefs.  Next time we’ll cover how to begin exploring doing just that.  You probably want to be there for that.  Goggles are going to be popping off of heads!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to begin seeing a different reality than I currently see?”


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