Daily Nugget of Gold 1062

I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol” – Steven Wright


Daily Nugget of Gold 1062


The Age of “Instant On”


Before televisions were solid state devices, they had vacuum tubes (They looked like crowded, oblong shaped light bulbs) which had to warm up before they worked, meaning that if you wanted to watch TV that you needed to wait about 30 to 40 seconds or so for them to heat up before the TV worked. Well, we Americans don’t like to wait for anything, which might explain our love of “cheese in a can” and our occasional tolerance for instant coffee!  Smart manufacturers saw a way to satisfy our desires for instant gratification long before televisions stopped using tubes- they made “instant on” TVs which kept the tubes fed with enough electricity that they always stayed warm, thus- a mere second or two after we pointed the remote at the TV, on it went!  Never mind that the tubes sucked oodles of electricity just to stand at the ready for when we wanted to watch television, we had our fix and when we wanted it- NOW.  So what’s our point?  We’re glad you asked.


We’ve been covering the subject of forgiveness and hopefully laying a decent amount of groundwork to show why it’s so important to undertake the effort of putting it into practice and in particular, mastering the art of it. We want to bring to your attention at this juncture the idea that not everything that is worthwhile can be learned in an instant, in fact- few things in life can be done extremely well the first few tries we make at it.  We should not be discouraged, however. 


When it comes to doing the simple exercise of forgiving all others and ourselves as we go to bed at night, it may seem at first that not much is happening when we do this.  You may see remarkable results immediately, which is cool, but more than likely it will seem that nothing has changed much for the “time wasted” doing it.  Don’t be fooled.  Your subconscious mind heeds any sincere requests you make of it and when you do this at bedtime?  It pays much more attention at that time than it otherwise would because the conscious mind is beginning the sleeping process. This is not the be-all and end-all of the art of forgiveness but it is a simple and easy start on a journey that will take you closer to peace of mind than you ever thought it was possible to go. 


Remember that it’s really the deeper undercurrents of the subconscious mind that affect mood, not the surface stuff we deal with on a day to day basis.  It’s where likes and dislikes are formed, where preferences seem to be initiated- these are things we usually think we have no control over. The truth probably lies closer to the concept that we have absolute control over our own minds and if they came with an owner’s manual, we’d have a clue when to change the oil and tune up the engine.  For now, pass us the cheese in a can, we’re feeling a bit hungry here.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Would we expect a baby to walk and talk instantly?  Why not?”


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