Daily Nugget of Gold 1063

The truth is rarely pure and never simple” – Oscar Wilde


Daily Nugget of Gold 1063


Excellence and Efficiency


There seems to be a common perception in the business world that as we increase efficiency, excellence suffers, and if we increase excellence, it comes at the cost of efficiency.  It follows that these two ideals need to be balanced in some way so that one ideal isn’t compromised to some large extent for the other.  We suppose that this rings true in certain situations, and that the perception is verified so often that it doesn’t seem likely that there might be some other reality.


This balance of things as we’ve stated above, can we agree to call this a paradigm?  A paradigm is a given set of circumstances that  we seem to be confined in.  The Bing dictionary currently says this about what a paradigm is: 1.typical example: a typical example of something

2.model that forms basis of something: an example that serves as a pattern or model for something, especially one that forms the basis of a methodology or theory

In other words, we make certain assumptions and we then develop methods and tactics to work within that assumption.  Are you thinking what we’re thinking at this point?


In order for some new idea to make entry, or a new assumption, if you will- we either need to reform or discard what we thought before. This almost necessarily will be a radical deviation from our previous thinking or beliefs.  The process where we come by a new revelation in regards to our accepted norms isn’t comfortable or smooth.  What comes to mind for us is how unsettling quantum physics was to Newtonian physicists.  That wasn’t the first time a radically different idea shook the foundation of what we “knew” was correct- when the automobile was invented, some people thought just going over the speed that a horse could run would be deadly.


Perhaps excellence and efficiency are inextricably linked in this manner, but perhaps not.  Today, in the age blooming technology some efficiencies have developed that have taken  what once was an individual event and allowed it to be shared by multitudes with ease.  Think of how at one time if you wished to see a play, you needed to have the actors in front of you, performing.  Is that true now?  Ah, but you may say that the quality of the production suffers when technology is involved.  Really?  A movie is nothing more than a refined play with technological advancements that were not even possible a short time ago.  Oh, it’s not the same as a stage production, we grant you.  We just wanted to give people something to think about here- are the paradigms we’ve used to frame our beliefs valid or not?  It they aren’t- could it be that they are limiting our ability to succeed if we are in error?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What assumptions have I made that may not be true, after all?”


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