Daily Nugget of Gold 1064

We simply assume that the way we see things is the way they really are or the way they should be, and our attitudes and behaviors grow out of these assumptions.” – Stephen R. Covey


Daily Nugget of Gold 1064


Just a Tiny Chance of Success


We were speaking of paradigms in our last session.  We pointed out that paradigms were assumptions we make in which we then operate.  The validity of such assumptions often seems to go unquestioned as we grow into them and the established limits of what we believe to be true can become very real.  Think about it. 


If we take the assumption such as that steel expands when you heat it, and we repeat that experiment thousands or perhaps millions of times and get consistent results, we may come to the conclusion that it is a universal law and… it appears that it is.  It seems to always happen under all sorts of conditions and no matter where or when it’s tried.  Suppose, however- that one day we find a particular circumstance in which it isn’t true, then what?  We are forced to operate under a new paradigm which must account for this particular deviation.  This is the sort of nightmare that scientists have as they seek to define things.  One exception and a whole bunch of carefully constructed experiments go in the dumpster.


How do you feel about the average Joe or Jane?  What do you believe the likelihood of the average person being a great success is?   We ourselves often say it’s “One out of a hundred” because the evidence on this seems to bear us out.  Almost immediately, if we adopt that assumption and make it our paradigm- what happens?  We don’t expect that we have much chance at success, do we?  The reality we see may not encourage us much, but we can give ourselves a better, far more improved paradigm to operate in if we wish to.  Huh?


You see, if we do what the average guy or gal does, spend most of our free time trying to entertain ourselves with things like television and the internet- then it might seem that the paradigm isn’t likely to change- we are doing something most other people do.  One of the things the masses have begun investing a lot of money in and a great deal of time with is the smart phone.  Don’t get us wrong- the smart phone can be a wonderful tool, but it also makes a marvelously entertaining jailer, holding many of the people who have one in cushy, soft ropes as it sneaks into their mental wallet and steals time, money, and brain cells.


There’s a way to build a new paradigm, there’s a way to have this set of assumptions we have that “we only have slim chances of succeeding” in large part- vanish- but it will take a bit of work which will make us feel very, very uncomfortable in the paradigm we are nesting in now.  Are you up for it?  This is your decision, after all.  How bad do you want true success?  How important is it to you for your life to have far greater meaning than it does now?  Get ready if you wanted something more, we’ll reveal how to see it clearly next time.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do today to begin casting aside the false assumptions I’ve made?”


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