Daily Nugget of Gold 1065

Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.” – Albert Einstein


Daily Nugget of Gold 1065




A little while ago we talked about how something like the universal law that steel expands when heated could be give way to an entirely new paradigm if we found just one example where it did not.  For now, it seems to hold true under all circumstances. Many of us hold another basic assumption in that major success for ourselves seems to be out of our reach.  Most of us don’t have much faith in our ability to become extremely wealthy, for instance.  That assumption is bolstered by the fact that our surrounding environment seems to show very little evidence in having that happen to “ordinary people” like ourselves.  We see such a world, after all.  Almost no one we know really hits the big time in what they do.


In order to elevate our own chances for success, would it not make sense to study how other people pulled it off?  We don’t mean so much studying what they did, but more along the lines of studying their attitudes and similar attributes.  One thing that really begins to tear down the wall we place between ourselves and our own success is to look at people who had much more to overcome before they could make it than we have.


If we read the story of a woman born without arms, who was addicted to crack for 10 years, a victim of rape, and she authored 3 books after all that, Tawana Williams, part of our own wall between us and success begins show some weakness, doesn’t it?


Another woman we’ve heard about suffered a failed marriage, was diagnosed with clinical depression, and living on welfare.  You may have heard of her- R.K. Rowling, the author of the wildly successful Harry Potter series. The wall between where we stand and greatness is getting even more unstable as we look into who can become successful, isn’t it?


Henry Ford’s mother died when he was 14.  His father expected him to eventually run the family farm in Dearborn. Ford’s first automobile company went out of business, his second one closed because of a fight, and a third suffered declining sales.  Despite his misfortunes and missteps in the beginning, Ford went on to achieve incredible success.  That wall is showing even more wear and tear, isn’t it?


As we read each successive story about how someone else succeeded against all odds, our own excuses begin to be removed from contention- one by one.  Yes, this begins to make us much more uncomfortable in living an average and ordinary life, true?  It’s probably the reason the entertainment industry is so phenomenally large- it helps us escape from self-examination, doesn’t it?  It seems there is a very large customer base for that.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Why have I not been spending more time learning about the success of others?”


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