Daily Nugget of Gold 1066

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber


Daily Nugget of Gold 1066


Running On Routine


Do we actually run our lives or do our lives run us?  Most people would like to say that they are the person in charge of their own life and that they make all the decisions as to what to do or not do- but is that really true?  Here’s a clue- if there is anything you do in your life where at the same time you’re thinking of something else, then for that particular activity you are doing it with the subconscious mind.  Do you pay close attention as to where you put your feet when you walk? How about making sure you are properly balanced then?  Or are you able to walk and think about something else you need to get done at the same time?


How about when you drive a car or ride a bicycle.  Does either of these activities take so much of our attention that we can’t do them and talk at the same time?  Or be immersed in listening to music, even to the point where we sing along with it? 


Do you have the ability to eat and read at the same time?  Eat and watch TV?  When we talk of having habits, most of us think we are speaking of things like having the habit of exercising, or of smoking, or of finishing other people’s sentences.  Maybe they think about having the habit of having a neat or a messy home, or possibly eating too much or eating too little.  The truth about how much of our lives is run by our habits is probably far more extensive than most of us might imagine. Typically, it seems that about 95% of the things we do in our lives we can do something else at the very same time, and if we can- then we are relying on our learned behavior programs- we call them habits- to play out.  Yes, we have ultimate control over them, but also, to an extent-no- we don’t, if we really think about it.


Habits allow us to conserve brain energy, but sometimes we get so entangled in some habits that they seem to be nearly impossible to escape from.  Some of these habits are empowering, but many aren’t. We’re going to discuss a habit we may wish to adopt which will help us function better in all things.  It’s a habit of living outside of habit. Well, now.  That should make for an interesting discussion, no?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What is really controlling me, my habits or myself?”


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