Daily Nugget of Gold 1070

The heart, like the stomach, wants a varied diet.” – Gustave Flaubert


Daily Nugget of Gold 1070


Vary the Intensity


We’ve been discussing how to more effectively reach our inner mind with what we say to ourselves and in our last session talked about the concept of phrasing what we mean in many different ways so as to increase our chances of having that part of our mind, the subconscious mind, accept what we tell it about ourselves.  Obviously, we want to keep these conversations as free from lack and limitation in regards all the good qualities we seek as well as the wealth we desire to have circulating in our lives.  Now we want to consider another way of impressing those attributes on our deeper mind by varying the intensity in how we say it.


Let’s look at how a young man might court a young lady.  He might compliment her, he might send or bring her flowers, he may act zany, loud, and fun at times, or he might bring her out to a nice dinner the two of them can share. Courting and dating is always centered on fun things to do, because he’s trying to place himself in the best light, so as to increase his chances of winning her heart.  She, on the other hand, might take particular attention with her looks, spending hours getting ready, doing her hair and makeup.  She looks to gently lead him into talking about himself, his plans, and his character.  At times they are sharing loud laughter, at times they are quiet and intense, but all the while carefully monitoring themselves so that anything less than desirable doesn’t show up.


We want to woo our mind with the thoughts we have about our good qualities in much the same way.  We want to be careful to pay close attention to what we are saying about ourselves with our thoughts and spoken word.  We want to mix it up a bit with the intensity as well.  Why?  For all of the same reasons a courtship plays out like it does.  We want to convince ourselves what we’re saying is “the real deal”, just like we want to convince our prospective partner in life that “we are the one”. We want to show ourselves that through tough times and fun times, through sad times, and happy times- we are not only capable of handling it, but we will always make the best of it. 


If we take the time to vary the intensity of our self talk, sometimes putting some muscle in it, sometimes being soft and gentle, sometimes shouting to ourselves, laughing, whispering, and even when we’re crying- the message is sure to reach deeply.  In fact, in varying intensity- it’s nearly impossible NOT to blend emotions into it- and emotions are what the subconscious mind pays particular attention to.  This may seem to be a little difficult, but have some fun with it… like you were courting.  Yes, courting takes work- but it’s also fun, isn’t it?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to modify my intensity in my positive self talk more often?”


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