Daily Nugget of Gold 1071

You must first clearly see a thing in your mind before you can do it.” – Alex Morrison


Daily Nugget of Gold 1071



Picture It



We’ve been discussing the importance of positive self-talk lately and we’ve been centering our thoughts on a variety of methods with which we could increase the effectiveness of what we say to ourselves as we try to move from where we are in life to where we want to be.  We’ve discussed how phrasing the same thought in many different ways might have a greater chance of success because we’re opening up multiple paths to the same destination.  We’ve spoken about varying the intensity of what we say to ourselves so that we are sure to mix emotional strength and reinforcement into what we say.   We’ve got a bit more to add to this if you’re open to yet another method of having what we say to ourselves count.



This time we are going to talk about having an ideal in mind, a picture of what we want to see as far as success goes.  There’s an important reason for using a picture to represent what we want, and it’s this:  Our brain is wired for visual stimulation, and one of the most effective ways to pass a concept from the conscious to the subconscious mind is to do so with a visualization- a picture- if you will.  We are very well blessed to have those powerhouse search engines on the internet where we can specify “images” and then search for what we want.  In a matter of seconds we have hundreds to choose from, from which to print out, even.  We can pick and choose the picture which matches most closely the ideal we want to see in ourselves.



By printing out a picture, we can then study it, get to see all the details in it as we repeat our positive self talk.  Once again, we want to be careful not to contradict what we believe is true now- but when we design what we will say to ourselves, have ourselves move in the direction of the ideal.  If we want to become a doctor, for instance, telling ourselves we are a doctor right now will likely cause us to reject that notion on the conscious level, leading to rejection by the subconscious as well.  If  we say we are becoming a doctor, then there isn’t that kind of contradictory sentiment attached to it. After all, the way to become a doctor is to first decide that it is what we wish to do, and then from that point on, we can say we are becoming one.


It should be pointed out that this sort of self-talk would be most effective when you are in quiet contemplative thought, and it would be helpful to take a few minutes several times a day to look at your pictured representation as you state your desired goal, basically falling in love with what that goal is.  We are capable of many, many things but not if our self-talk is set on “destroy”.  We wish to be praising ourselves and our abilities in order to build belief, and once we’ve done that- our results will likely amaze even the most skeptical. 


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What are the images that correspond to what I want to become?”


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