Daily Nugget of Gold 1074

Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.” – Jim Rohn


Daily Nugget of Gold 1074


The Flow of Giving and Receiving


Do you agree?  Some people just seem to give, give, give.  Other people seem to want to get, get, get.  Many folks would characterize someone focused on just getting as greedy, and many people believe that someone focused on giving all the time are really the best kind of people there are. What are your thoughts about it? 


Were you thinking we were speaking of money here?  Money is one form of wealth, a means of exchange but it’s not nearly the only thing we can give and receive, is it?  We can give or receive love, kindness, praise, encouragement, personal service, and more. 


There’s an interesting saying you’ve heard before, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We’re going to spend a little time with the subject of giving and getting because we want to underscore just a bit where that saying (which actually is commonly repeated about inventions) comes into play as far as The Law of Attraction goes in taking care that what we want and need.  If we don’t understand how this law operates, however, things can go very wrong, indeed.


For now, consider your local convenience store.  When the lottery is really high, people will wait in line patiently to purchase their ticket which has just a tiny, tiny chance of being the lucky one.

Do you suppose people would line up like that for a chance to give of themselves?  Even if people don’t have money, they can give of themselves in so many different ways.  Yes, the human race is a very charitable bunch, as a whole- but individually, do you think most people have designed their lives around selflessly giving?


We’ve asked a lot of questions in this session, but we wanted to get some thought going on finding a better way to play the giving and getting game than most people currently work it.  The movie The Secret didn’t divulge something critically important in all of this, but they did give a wonderful introduction to how The Law of Attraction operates.  We’ll help fill in the gaps as we continue this discussion.  Until then, what do you like most, giving or receiving?  Why?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What do I enjoy the most, giving or receiving?”


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