Daily Nugget of Gold 1076

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy


Daily Nugget of Gold 1076


Giving and Receiving Together


So, how about a simple plan of action so that we can give more, receive more, and live more? Okay, we’re up for the challenge.  It starts with having a mission in life, something you wish to through your heart and soul into.  The short answer on how to find what your mission is would be to ask yourself as you dose off to sleep at night what that is, and then when the hunch, inkling, gut feeling comes- act on it and see how it feels.  If it feels wonderful, if it feels like you could do it without pay even, then you have your perfect match.  From that point you just want to jump into it, get better and better at it, and be aware of any other intuitive thoughts which will help guide you.  See our purpose guide on our website for help with this: http://successmaniac.com/?page_id=1586


While we’re doing that let’s establish what sort of rewards we want the most.  Is it money specifically?  How much, exactly?  Is it certain lifestyle items? Let’s get a picture to represent them- as close as we can come to it. Then we want to focus in on these several times daily, to make them the ideal of what we want in exchange for what we plan to offer of ourselves.  By building ourselves into a white-heat of burning desire (Napoleon Hill’s words) for what we want, we will be given intuitive nudges of what to do.  None of it should feel like work.  Really- the only “work” here is the mental work involved, and it’s exactly that work that almost nobody will do.  If you wish to be the exception to the rule that most people don’t make it big in life, you’ve also got to do this one thing that they won’t do.


We want to treat our intuition, our gut feelings, with respect.  Don’t ignore them.  If you do, the whole thing will fall flat.  Don’t worry about how you will get this done, our job isn’t to worry about how a thing gets done, but we are to faithfully follow the answers given to us.  The more we focus on what we desire, the more we can count on clear, abundant hints on how to proceed.  Remember when we said that “Necessity is the mother of invention” before?  If we create within our mind the need to reach a certain goal, then everything we need will be supplied, but we really do have to build ourselves up into that “white heat of burning desire” for it. 


Keep an eye out for (what a strange expression that is!) for increasing efficiency in serving others.  Any hint of a better way to reach more people with what we do is bound to be on the right track.  Have fun with this, this isn’t about you working yourself to the bone, on the contrary, this is about having the time of your life as you go.  This should be so much fun, you should be waking up every day just filled with excitement to get going again.  And that’s it.  Can you do that?  Of course you can!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What do I love to do, what is my mission in life?”


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