Daily Nugget of Gold 1079

Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.” – Leo Buscaglia


Daily Nugget of Gold 1079


Easy Does It


If we were limited to only studying 5 books about how to be successful at no matter what we chose to do in life, surely Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich would be our first inclusion.  Charles Haanel provides us with The Master Key System which we’d be sure choose, as well.  The next work we would want to make sure we studied would be by Doctor Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. The other two books we’d choose?  Well, that would take some thinking, but we know for certain that these three important works would be among the five.


For the lay person, especially, Murphy’s book is an awesome find.  He patiently and lovingly explains the inner workings of our deeper mind with a gentle and reassuring style that’s rare. Today we’re going to center ourselves on one point that Dr. Murphy was careful to make clear. “Easy does it” is this thought.


Murphy explained that whatever we want to impress upon the subconscious mind that we want to avoid mental coercion- trying to force ourselves, with effort, to change.  This is a very wise observation, for when we are trying to force ourselves by concentrating vigorously on what we are trying to change about us, we’ll often get the opposite result of what we were seeking.  With our mental effort being too intense, we call upon The Law of Attraction to give us more of the problem, not the solution. As he put it, “The effortless way is the best”.


Dr. Murphy urges us to get into a sleepy, drowsy state and then without much effort, think about the ideal we want either through words or an image in a way that sums it all up.  He says to do this several times a day, but cautions us to avoid strain, but instead convey the idea thoughtfully and lovingly to our subconscious mind and allow it to follow suit in it’s own way. As he points out the deeper mind returns to us all the fruits of our habitual thinking, whatever that might be- to bless us or to curse us.


We’re never going to do an entire book justice by just mentioning a few points here and there, so we encourage our readers to explore this important work on their own.  It’s available in print, paperback, and in audio form- choose whichever works best for you.  You have a mind, isn’t it time you read the owner’s manual so as to help keep it running smoothly?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Would I rather randomly bump around in live or do I want to learn how to get what I want sooner?”


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