Daily Nugget of Gold 1083

The superior man thinks always of virtue; the common man thinks of comfort.” – Confucius


Daily Nugget of Gold 1083


Collective Viewpoints


If we took any segregated section of society and asked them, we would likely find them to hold some things as true and other things are running against their own opinion of the reality of things.  Let’s pretend we’re playing Family Feud here, the popular television game show.  The question always begins something like this, “We asked 100 expectant mothers what food they crave the most and the top 6 answers are on the board” right?  It could be 100 farmers, 100 lawyers, 100 men, 100 teenagers, 100 prisoners, and on and on. 


This is what we mean by “segregated”- there is something that these folks have in common which move them away from collective society and place them into their own category.  It’s certainly possible that some expectant mothers are farmers or lawyers so people can belong to more than one group, right?  Still, we can divide the groups up from each other by what things each group has in common.  When we do that and then query a group about things, we’ll get different answers than if we asked another group the same question or if we ask the same question of just 100 people of society at large.  This all makes sense, doesn’t it?  Each thing we have in common with a given group will tend to gel our answers somewhat into commonly held beliefs or observations based on that thing we have in common with the group.


Here’s why all of this matters:  Some people make it a study of what are the common elements of the most successful people out there are.  Napoleon Hill is probably the most famous of these folks, but he’s not alone.  In his case, however, he studied at least 500  of the most successful people of his day to attempt to arrive at the things they had in common. Surely, not each person he met agreed on every point, but from all of this research came Hill’s landmark book, Think and Grow Rich, as well as many other books on the subject Hill penned.


Hill’s focus was all about taking the reality as successful people saw it to be and sharing it with all of us so that we could understand and apply what they either learned or even instinctively knew that other people might have missed.  There is little doubt that successful people have much in common with other successful people, just as an expectant mother will have things in common with other expectant mothers.  In the world of self help books, there are books for those who want to be successful in life and there are books for people who want to be or are expectant mothers, farmers, lawyers, or what have you.  Please stick around for the next discussion, we’ll shed some light on some more things like this.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What categories of people do I belong to?”


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