Daily Nugget of Gold 1084

“I maintain that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research.” – Albert Einstein


Daily Nugget of Gold 1084


Reality Creation 101


We’ve been discussing the idea that if we examine the commonly held beliefs of any particular group of people who have something in common, we’ll learn more about what their perception is.  In particular, we are interested in the most successful people in life because- whatever we’re doing- we also would like to be successful.  Now success means different things to different people.  Some folks are interested in helping humanity, others are looking to expand their influence, and of course, many of us would like to be financially free.  However we define success, it’s probably safe to say that we’d rather experience success than have the lack of it, agree?


The focal point of the most successful among us has this in common:  It seems to be there there is a general consensus that what we think about we bring about. Most of these folks look within to produce the change they desire in their outside world.  They are keenly interested in personal development as a way to enhance their success.  Most successful people work to eliminate negative thinking and accentuate their positive thoughts.  You’d be hard pressed to find a successful person who was not passionately pursuing some worthy ideal or goal.  All of that stuff takes place in our mind, doesn’t it?


Now, let’s break away from the successful for a moment and talk about those folks who are scientifically minded.  We’re going to center our discussion on physicists because these are the people who are grappling with the questions involving what things are made of and how things happen with those objects.  They could be said to be mainly interested in the objective world.  If there is anything they’ve discovered about what this world is like which may impact our success, we’d probably want to know about it, right?


The good news on the scientific front is that there most definitely are important discoveries being made.  The most striking revelations seem to point to the conclusion that matter isn’t made up of physical objects at it’s smallest scale, but instead seems to consist solely of energy and that thought somehow plays a role in what comes into physical existence.  Needless to say, this is mind-boggling to scientific types because it’s not the answer they’d thought they’d get.  There are multiple theories on just what makes up objects and what this thing we are living in is made up of and why.  Still, from the cutting edge of science- it seems to underscore what the most successful in life were saying- that mind is where the magic happens. We’ll see if we can wrap up this in one neat little package as we continue.  We live in interesting times, don’t we?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I learn about that will enhance my success?”


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