Daily Nugget of Gold 1086

A man is what he thinks about all day long.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Daily Nugget of Gold 1086


What It All Means


With the successful telling us that what we think about is what creates our world and the physicists saying that matter isn’t what we thought it was- that it is actually only energy when we go deep down past the atomic scale and into the plank scale which is trillions of times smaller than the atomic level, we gain a new perspective on things.  So- we have only energy which makes up matter at it’s deepest level, and we have thoughts which are ultimately made up of electrical energy and nothing more, agree?  You can see where we’re headed, right?  The weirdness in the quantum world is that things don’t behave in ways which would seem to underline the conclusion that we live in a physical universe.  Instead, they behave as if thought influenced the outcome of events. 


Your author here doesn’t know for sure if the science in this regard will become the norm or not, but we already have people who have been- for thousands of years, mind you- telling us that thought matters, and they are and were the movers and shakers of society.  The great teachers of all-time have been telling us that what we are on the inside creates our outer world and that if we think something and put our absolute faith behind it, there is nothing to stand in our way..


So, we have the practical experience of one group of people whom have applied these concepts in their own lives and reached greater and greater heights, and we have the scientists who are basically saying at this point, “there may be a role for thought in the physical universe after all”.  What leads them to that idea is that it seems to matter whether we interact with something or not as to what it becomes physically.


The other thing that successful people have found is that when you serve more people through what you do and you are careful to engage in transactions which are beneficial to both parties, you are working with the law and not against it.  This seems to hint on the Spiritual role being important, and with science telling us the non-physical world is more fundamental to the physical world than previously thought- wow, are we headed to something that can only be described as “enlightenment”.


So, the bottom line is, if we work to become better, more loving human beings and do things that benefit as many other people as we can, we will share in the wealth that the universe has to offer.  Not bad, eh?  We’ll likely feel better about ourselves in the process, too. 


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do which will expand the boundaries of love?”


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