Daily Nugget of Gold 1087

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness” – Lao Tzu


Daily Nugget of Gold 1087


Whatcha Thinking?


We’ve laid a good amount of groundwork as a solid foundation before we started to get to the really important thing- that our thoughts matter and they matter a lot.  Let’s get to thinking better thoughts so that the reality we live in becomes more to our liking, okay?


Do you have enough money circulating in your life?  If you don’t, you are repelling it from you.  That’s not something we came up with, that’s something Tony Robbins- the extremely popular self development coach has submitted to us to consider.  Let’s tackle some commonly held beliefs about money and and see if they are valid.  If you have a belief which makes it harder for you to earn more, you may wish to change it.


You have to work hard for money”  When we say this line and ask a student if it’s true, we almost always get a “yes”.  Do you think it’s true?  Has that been your experience?  If you said “yes” also,  let’s talk.  It’s NOT TRUE!  Even in your own lifetime you’ve had money come to you from some unexpected source.  There are a lot of ways money comes to you that you don’t have to work hard for it.  Someone may give you money, you might inherit it.  You could receive money from a charitable source or through a government program designed to help folks in need. 


Many people don’t “work hard” for money even when they earn it themselves.  Some people have turned a hobby into something which happens to earn them cash and they actually receive a ton of enjoyment and satisfaction in the work that they do and love it so much, they’d do it free.  They aren’t “working hard”, they are literally paid to play. Isn’t that also true of professional sports teams?  They don’t say, “Work ball!” at the start of the baseball game, they say, “Play ball!”  Most of the folks playing professional sports love what they do so much, they’d be doing it anyhow even if there wasn’t a paycheck in it.


Have you ever found money laying on the ground?  Sure!  It happens and you haven’t “earned it” or worked hard for it at all.  There are literally thousands of ways we can come into money which have little or nothing to do with working hard, BUT if our belief is that we must work hard for money, then guess what?  Our subconscious mind will work hard to make that our reality.  You see, it’s in the business of pouring the fruits of our habitual thinking into our laps.  Why would you ever want to limit money to those sources you must work hard at in order to have it?  That would be repelling it from all of the easy sources there are that are out there for you to receive it from.  How about this belief instead, “To me- money comes easily and frequently.” Make that your reality instead.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What are my own dis-empowering beliefs about money and what beliefs would be better to have?”


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