Daily Nugget of Gold 1088

A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ.” – John Steinbeck


Daily Nugget of Gold 1088


Let’s Make a Change


We took just one commonly held belief about money last time and just worked on that one.  “You have to work hard for money” is something people say, hear, and allow to soak into the fertile ground of their subconscious mind where it takes root and produces an abundant crop of reality which matches it in our lives.  Want a better crop of reality?  Plant better seeds in this garden you were so generously given to use for your benefit.


Here’s another one: “Filthy money”.  Is it true?  Most folks we talk to say that it is.  “What’s the problem with thinking that way?”, you might ask. After all, money is crawling with germs from being handled by sick and dirty people, isn’t it?  Let ask you something, do you enjoy being filthy?  Don’t you just go and take a shower when you feel dirty?  Did you ever do any gardening?  Do you know soil is just crawling with germs?  Of course you knew that.  In soil grows everything we eat whether directly or indirectly.


While money might have germs on it, it might not.  You can get fresh, clean uncirculated cash should you wish.  Just ask for it at the bank, they often have it.  Our dollar bills aren’t made of paper from wood so they can be washed (Hint, easy on the bleach, friend!) so if you are germ-o-phobic, no problem.  Besides, most of today’s transactions are done with non-physical cash.  Most folks enjoy using direct deposit for their funds, then they can use a plastic card in their wallet to retrieve them without actually touching any cash at virtually any store. They can use the numbers on their cards to send money to buy things without actually laying a finger on it.  The money is purely abstract in this case, isn’t it?  Abstract things can’t hold or harbor any germs, can they?


What about coins?  You can clean the heck out of them and sterilize them if you wish.  You can get newly minted coins, too.  So is the term “filthy money” true? Of course not.  It could be, but it usually is clean as a whistle. (Are whistles usually known for their cleanliness?  You may want to re-visit that belief as well!)  Believing money is dirty is one way to keep it away from you.  We try and stay clean, but just like money, we sometimes get dirty, don’t we?  To borrow a line from a commercial, “Life’s messy, clean it up!” 


Suppose you were religiously inclined, you could say this for instance.  “Money is a form of God’s wealth and abundance for me to use for the good it can do.”  Isn’t that a better belief than “filthy money” should you wish to attract more of it to you?  Interesting aside- just as we wrote this, our cat threw up on a couple of dollar bills we had laying around- we washed them- good as new.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What are my hidden negative beliefs about money?”


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