Daily Nugget of Gold 1089

Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.” –  Charlotte Brontë


Daily Nugget of Gold 1089


Of Roots and Evil


Money is the root of all evil” people often repeat thinking that they are quoting scripture.  That’s not the quote, as some are aware- it’s “The love of money is the root of all evil”  Money isn’t the problem here, it’s loving it to the exclusion of everything good which creates the problem.  There is nothing wrong with the good money can do in our lives, is there?  Do you use money to buy the food you feed yourself or your family?  Do you use money to give to charitable causes or to help out a friend in need?  Are these things evil?


Some folks believe that evil is the opposite of love and that might be a misconception.  Evil is the absence of love just as darkness is the absence of light.  If you introduce light into a room, the darkness must cease to exist there, true?  As soon as you remove light, darkness returns.  When there is no love, evil exists.  Love is everything good, wholesome, and true.  Love nourishes the body and soul.  Loving means we share love with others or another.  Yes, the absence of love can and ultimately does lead to some really nasty behavior, doesn’t it? 


Loving the money in your pocket more than the good you can use it for is what often keeps us from using it to bless one another.  It’s in the hoarding of money that we see the development of the negative habit of believing we have a lack of it in our lives materializes.  If we think we dare not share it then we are living in fear it won’t be replaced if we do- and that fear will become our reality because of the workings of The Law of Attraction.  That law has another name, by the way- “The Law of Love”. 


If we use money to help ourselves and others, we are loving ourselves and them.  If we use it to simply gratify a lust to “have it all to ourselves” then we have perverted the use of this tool (more about that soon) much as a hammer can be used to commit murder.  The hammer isn’t evil, even after someone killed someone with one- it still could be used to build a house to give to a needy family.  Money is like any other tool, the “evil” it might hold is only in the way in which it is thought of and used.


What’s a better belief to have?  “I use money to bless myself and others and I use it wisely and lovingly, I release it with joy and it comes back to me many times over.”  Maybe you can think of some better phrases, but let’s be careful about cursing tools and not the evil intent some may choose to harbor, okay?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What are some of the wonderful things I could do for myself and others if I had more money circulating in my life?


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