Daily Nugget of Gold 1090

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” – Herman Melville


Daily Nugget of Gold 1090


The Exclusive Clubs


Are you a member of the “old boy network” or “old boy society” or “old boys’ club”? Most people aren’t.  These expressions have something in common with another- the commonly held belief about money, that “it takes money to make money”.  Where do you stand on this, is it true?  Most certainly any advantage one has is helpful in earning money.  If someone has any of the following- talent, great work ethic, a well-connected family, a wise mentor, great looks- all of these things may help us out, right?


The trouble comes when we begin to think that there isn’t any way to succeed unless we are connected to monied sources or have some other advantage going for us.  That notion is simply not true.  This sort of negative mental thinking can seep deep down into our subconscious mind and become so firmly entrenched there that it in fact DOES become OUR reality.  As with beliefs of any sort- positive or negative- we become what we think about.  If we are thinking we don’t have and never will have the right connections to earn the amount of money we desire to have, we will live in that reality until we challenge and change that belief.


Every day there is a new success story out there about someone who started with nothing and hit it big.  It’s not hard to find these stories, the internet is a wonderful resource for that.  With each one we read we chip away at those inaccurate beliefs many people hold which keeps them in check throughout their lifetime.  If you spend enough time researching the people who became successful you’ll discover that there were obstacles- sometimes many of them- which they had to overcome in order to get to where they are now.  Some of those obstacles, you may discover, will be exactly the ones that you face.  If they can do it, you can too.  Why not you?


You were born with a mind, and your mind is a wonderful instrument which has the ability to overcome any challenge, to creatively blaze a path where none existed before.  All we need to do to capture and use this ability is to concentrate on our goal, see it clearly in our mind’s eye and work ourselves into a white-heat of desire for what we want.  The rest? It will fall into place, and it will do that with or without “old boys” helping us along.  In fact, it’s only without such connections do we really become truly wealthy in the process.  Growth comes from overcoming obstacles, from enlivening the hero within us, from pushing on when all seems to be doomed to failure.  Let’s not let a belief in “old boy societies” steal our dreams. 


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How can I work myself up to a white-heat of burning desire for what I truly want?”


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