Daily Nugget of Gold 1091

All negativity is an illusion created by the limited mind to protect and defend itself”. –  Ambika Wauters


Daily Nugget of Gold 1091


Cold Hard Cash


Really?  Really?  Do we need to lose every reference to money which might be construed as negative?  Something that’s “cold and hard” might remind us of ice or cold steel in the wintertime.  Some people have so many different negative beliefs pertaining to money that they may just not be aware that all of them are there.  A thread isn’t difficult to break, is it?  Weave that thread with many others and create a rope and you can’t break it with your bare hands, can you?  Ropes are used to bind things up, so this analogy is a good one.  Are we really all tied up by our negative beliefs or is that just hogwash?  Well, let’s see:  Do you have all the money you desire to have circulating in your life?  If the answer is no, then it’s time we cut away at the ropes, one thread at a time.


Paper money isn’t cold or hard, it’s rather soft and warm.  When you place it in a collection bucket to help a charity, it becomes warmer still- and you can feel that warmth deep within your heart.  Helping out someone in need is a great way to feel good about ourselves and an awesome way to keep the money flowing to us- by The Law of Reciprocity.  Nature abhors a vacuum and so when we give generously of ourselves or our funds there is always a generous flow back to us in many ways. 


What about people who are always lying, cheating, and scheming for money?  What about them?  We don’t need to worry about that, for if they truly are hurting people- The Law of Attraction – also commonly called “Karma” will see to them. 


We don’t want to rejoice in people “getting what they have coming to them” however, for that vindictive state of mind rains revenge back upon us since The Law of Attraction gives us in kind whatever our dominant thoughts might be.  We should wish for them “enlightenment” instead- that they somehow or someway come to an understanding that what they did was wrong and they change their ways.  In that regard, we all win. We don’t really want to be focused on people’s faults anyhow, only by focusing on the good we see in them and blessing and praising it- do we help them and also help ourselves by affirming what’s good within all people, including us.


Remember, if we are condemning the very thing we wish to attract to ourselves- or we are envious of another person’s success, we cause money to take flight from us.  We want to think and speak of only the virtues we see and ignore the vices.  Both of these things thrive on attention.  Do you think we’ve covered these well enough yet?  We were going to pack it in with this one, but we thought of some others.  Let’s get them ALL out of the way, okay?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to make sure negative beliefs don’t hinder my success?”


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