Daily Nugget of Gold 1105

Always do what you are afraid to do.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Daily Nugget of Gold 1105


The Opposite of Love


What is the opposite of love?  Is it hate?  Is it indifference?  Love is the supreme attitude of wealth so the opposite of love is an important thing to know about.  It would be useful to wrap every thought in love as Rhonda Byrne suggests (author of The Secret and Hero) it would seem avoiding the pitfalls would be useful as well.  The opposite of love?  It’s fear.


In what would otherwise be a healthy relationship between two people, the fear of the other person “fooling around” can send that relationship into a nosedive.  We cannot effectively “talk a good game” with our partner because most communication is non-verbal.  The fruits of fear are sure to dominate the intertwined tree which a truly loving relationship otherwise grows.


In a business, if we are motivated by the fear that our competitors will best us, or that our customers won’t be loyal all the time, or that our employees are lazy, then we leave little room for the positive things that could develop instead.  There is the joy of serving the customer to the best of our ability, building customer loyalty by doing everything we can to be the best that we can be.  We have no fear in “allowing” them the opportunity to try somewhere else for we know in our hearts that we- by pouring our heart and soul in it- will stand above the crowd.  Imagining that our employees are lazy is the first step in having that be our reality.  Instead of looking for all the innovative and dedicated ways they’ve come up with to do the work at hand- we’re fearful they are “screwing us” when our backs are turned.


Fearing a child may fall might help keep a child from falling.  We could stop them from running, riding bikes, playing in a playground and the like- but then again, we might as well lock them in a cage all day. 


Fearing someone might do something better than us, or get the looks from all the guys or get some “unfair advantage” over us is one way to quickly sour human relationships.  People can read insincerity in what we say so why even go there?  If we instead celebrate the strengths of others then we affirm those strengths as admirable qualities we aspire to.  If we try to mock, belittle, or insult people then we become discolored and tainted by our own thoughts and words based in nothing but fear.


If we fear bad health it shall attach to us snugly and sap our youthful energy away.  If we concentrate on our ability rather than our disabilities then we can obviously do more with what we have. 


A fearful person might have money, but no fearful person can ever be wealthy.  The two just don’t mix.  Ever.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to overcome my fears?”


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