Daily Nugget of Gold 1106

Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.” – Jodie Foste


Daily  Nugget of Gold 1106


Be That Person You Admire Most


We aren’t talking about any person in particular, here.  What we mean by this is that we wish to adopt those qualities we observe in the people we admire the most and adopt those qualities as our own.  In that way, we’re not copying them, we’re copying the best and most admirable traits they have. One important thing to do as we go about our day is to affirm those good qualities we see in others to ourselves and if the opportunity presents itself to us, to them in the form of praise, as well. 


Every time we compliment someone on some meaningfully positive behavior we not only make them feel better about themselves (and thus have the same thing happen to us as we do) but we also confirm to ourselves that the behavioral trait we witnessed is worthy of becoming one of our own.  Too many times we let slip those chances to do this and if we don’t at least say to ourselves, “I like this person because…” then we aren’t receiving nearly as much benefit as we could in being around someone who has the qualities we find desirable in a person.


The above should be fairly straightforward and easy to understand- but what about a person who has annoying traits, undesirable habits, and the like?  What should we do when we see such people?  What a great many people do is to get all in a lather about them.  They complain about how they “can’t stand it when they do this” or “hate it when they do that” and the like.  If we get caught up in doing this, we are invoking The Law of Attraction to bring us more of the behavior we dislike because we are becoming emotional about it.  We are negatively energized when we do this and these things in people will get worse and worse.  What to do?


The better approach with negative behavior we don’t wish to emulate is to brush it aside and look for only the good qualities we can find in the other person.  By doing so we aren’t putting emotional capital into the negative traits we don’t desire and we’re putting all of our energy into finding desirable qualities and blessing them.  We cannot help but to adopt those things we find attractive so long as they are front and center in our span of attention.  Bless the good, ignore the bad, wear what you like and discard those traits you find to be repelling.  Be the person you admire the most by gathering up a little more of those habits and mannerisms daily from every person you meet.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Whom do I admire the most and why?”


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