Daily Nugget of Gold 1109

Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence” – Vincent Van Gogh


Daily Nugget of Gold 1109


Separate Matters into Groups


To make it simple, there are only two groups we are talking about here.  To make life more meaningful, more fun, and more impactful- these are the only two groups that count, in our opinion.  Material is one thing. Everything with solid mass falls into this category, and it includes money, houses, jewelery, food, clothing- even our own bodies.  All of these things have one thing in common- they are all part of our “objective” world- they are objects in it.


You’ve likely guessed the other thing as we sort stuff into groups- Spiritual.  This is the “real you”- that person who you are and whom we all are.  The “I”, in you as it were.  When you say “my brain” you aren’t talking about this “Spiritual I” – nor is your hand- “you”, your heart- “you”, and so on.  These are all physical things that the Spirit which is “you” possesses.  Yes, they are important to you, well- at least for now.  One day those things will have little meaning.  All that you are is not what your physical self appears to be- for without life, without your own Spirit, none of that stuff would mean anything to anybody.


As we go about deciding what to do on any given matter, if we keep the Spiritual in mind first and foremost it allows us to make the best decisions, live the fullest of lives, and have the most influence on those we are sharing this journey with right now.  If we would be tempted to steal, we can rest assured that whatever we are thinking of stealing has no value to us on a Spiritual level, but the harm we do to ourselves in stealing from a Spiritual standpoint is without question.


Judging people as worse than us, coming to negative conclusions about groups of people or even as individuals can only be done in the absence of consideration of Spirit.  Since we all make mistakes, it would be a real mistake to assume we are better than anyone else.  It would also be a mistake to think we are less than anyone else.  We are all cut from the same cloth and we are all together in the quest to learn from our mistakes and seek out love for ourselves. 


You might say, “Some people are so bad that they aren’t the slightest bit interested in such things, they are evil.”  Well, not so fast.  If someone doesn’t realize the damage they do to themselves as they inflict hurt on others- yes- we need to separate them from society, but no- it doesn’t mean that they are unworthy of grace.  We are all Spiritual beings and some of us don’t get that.  We should wish understanding for them, work with them, teach them if we can.  Since this is a Spiritual matter for us- it’s important.  Let’s look at the big picture, let’s look at forever and work on that end of the spectrum instead of constantly being overly concerned about the things of lesser importance, things which hold only temporary value. And let’s have some fun with it while we do!  Why not?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What are the things that matter most?”


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