Daily Nugget of Gold 1111

Success in its highest and noblest form calls for peace of mind and enjoyment and happiness which come only to the man who has found the work that he likes best” – Napoleon Hill

Daily Nugget of Gold 1111

Make it Fun!

Okay, last time we talked about some of the stuff we do to make our entertainment time more fun than it already is. We love big, comfy couches, lots of snacks and beverages and we often have state of the art TVs, cell phones, computers, and the like. Most people would admit that they spend far too much time involved in using these things, especially as they eye their bank account and wish it had more in it.

What’s really good about all this is that we have identified something important that we should pay attention to. If you really want to expand a fun habit, just make it “funner”. (Sorry English teachers, we couldn’t resist!)

There’s no secret that joy can be found in the working world as well. Many people love their work but if you don’t then there is a cure. Unlike slaves of many years ago, you’re free to quit and do something else if you like. Sometimes we have to get rid of something we hate in order to replace it with something we love- it seems the two just aren’t likely to occupy the same space. If that seems too abrupt or too uncomfortable for you, there’s a way to ease into it. Start part time doing what you love and as you learn more and more about it you can eventually replace one with another.

We’re not going to say it would necessarily be a great idea to gorge on soda and snacks and occupy a big comfy sofa while working, but we can certainly add an element of fun by challenging ourselves with little goals which make the work interesting for us. We can jot down some tasks we wish to accomplish as we go along and cross them off as we complete them. Make sure some of your things to do are easy to get done.

Write all things down, and also think about the very next physical action which needs to be taken in order to move that item along. This way, for a large project, you’re not focusing on some huge multitude of obstacles or what could happen if something went wrong- you’re identifying and putting on paper what you plan to do next. This has a way of relieving stress and moving you to take action on what needs to get done. Avoid prioritizing. Little or unimportant tasks count and give us a sense of accomplishment making work more fun. Decide up front to have fun today, too. There’s nothing like defining the moment in our mind beforehand to change our attitude for the better as we slop through the work.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to make my work something I love to do?”

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