Daily Nugget of Gold 1113

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.” – Eartha Kitt

Daily Nugget of Gold 1113

The Other Choice

There’s no argument that a formal education might allow us a better chance in life. For one thing, a person who attends college or even finishes high school could have an easier time in the job market. Companies tend to recognize that education holds value. There reason for that is at least two-fold. For one, there is the value of what one is taught, the other is a pattern of successfully completing assignments in order to graduate. Both of those things are desirable commodities in the work world. So, in other words- if you are in school, it would almost assuredly be good for you to stay there and complete your work there.

As is often our way of doing things, we began by not starting with what we met with you today for. We wanted to talk about one alternative or enhancement to formal education. It wasn’t until recently that this was the primary way most people became educated. What we are talking about here is “self directed” educational pursuits. While these efforts may not have as much credibility with the corporate world, it’s possible that they may take you to places that a formal education may miss. Why is that? Good question! Let’s look and see.

A formal education does offer the advantage of giving us a well-rounded look at things. Yes, there are subjects we study there that we might not have pursued if left to our own devices so that’s a good thing about that type of learning. Self-directed learning is more often than not, passion driven. What we mean by that is that we become enthralled with a topic and want to learn everything we can about it. We study harder than maybe we would should the desire simply be to pass a test. We seek to know every aspect of what it is we want to learn about so we can develop a kind of deep understanding, a mastery- in other words- of the subject we care so much about.

Sometimes a formal education setting is crucial for this, too. Sometimes it might interfere with our passionate pursuits. The biggest success stories out there attest to this- many of the biggest and brightest successes have gotten a formal education, but many choose another path instead. Either way, it seems that the type of education we choose is not so important as our desire and passion we bring to bear in getting it. The internet age has made it easier than ever to get a quality education for those without the financial resources to obtain a formal education. Just remember- learning is crucial for success- in any case. The ignorant among us rarely succeed at much in life at all. Considering ourselves one of “The Learned” because we went to high school or college is one of the unfortunate mistakes many people make. Making learning both fun and a life-long pursuit is wiser.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to satisfy my need to know more in order to be more?”

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