Daily Nugget of Gold 1123

It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.” – W.C. Fields

Daily Nugget of Gold 1123

Brace Yourself

Have you ever gone to see someone whom you knew you had some sort of difference of opinion with, or maybe a boss who called you into see him or her? Maybe it was a family member that you don’t always see eye to eye with, or perhaps a teacher or student you need to discuss something with- whatever- and you take the precaution of “bracing yourself”? We believe most people have had at least one experience like this, and we’d like to discuss something in this session that perhaps we hadn’t thought about as we do this. What happens when you “brace yourself”? What kind of mental imagery does that term bring? Almost like we are about to crash into another car and we are trying to avoid injury or maybe we’re getting ready for a punch in the nose…

So, is it a good idea to be ready to take a hit, or to come out swinging? Let’s keep in mind that our body language speaks more about what we are thinking than our words do. Subconsciously we are going to be broadcasting to everyone around us that we feel threatened or are ready for conflict. Further, The Law of Attraction is responsive to the mental state we are emotionally in and when we are ‘bracing ourselves” for battle, for bad news, or for having to defend ourselves- those things are far more likely to come into our world than if we hadn’t gotten into that defensive posture.

What should we do instead? How about imagining a successful outcome? How about going to our meeting with whomever with the intent to understand their own particular point of view? How about staying calm and relaxed because- while we’ve already come to what we believe the best conclusion might be- but we remain open minded in case something better comes up in the conversation? Maybe we can try to put the other person at ease instead of worrying about getting shorted or screwed somehow.

Our mindset creates our mannerisms, and our mannerisms communicate to everyone around us what’s really in our heart. If we are bracing ourselves we are broadcasting timidity, not confidence. If we are bracing ourselves, we are broadcasting that we are difficult to deal with rather than an accepting and agreeable person. If we are bracing ourselves, we are asking The Law of Attraction to give us a heaping helping of what we fear or what we’re angry about. Does this make sense? Relax. Act like you know in your heart it will all work out. Try and convey friendship, not fear.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What is the best way to prepare myself for a win/win situation?”

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