Daily Nugget of Gold 1124

Culture has worked by coming to exercise a form of mind control over us. We willingly accept and even embrace this mind control, and probably without even knowing” – Mark Pagel <P>

Daily Nugget of Gold 1124

The Subjugation of Free Will

We all know we have free will, don’t we? We have the freedom to decide what to do in our lives- although sometimes some of us will believe that certain choices might be limited. Limited? How? Some examples might be, “I have to go to work now” or “I need to do my taxes”, or maybe, “I’ve got to do my homework”. These situations sound like we might have no free will, but of course, that’s not true. We could decide instead to face the consequences of acting differently. If we decide not to go to work where we are employed, we might find ourselves applying for a new job- if we desire to eat and have a roof over our head.

If we choose to do something, we might find it useful to frame the activity in that manner- that we chose to do it- if we are discussing what we are doing that day, rather than saying, “I have to go to school” for instance. If we say “I choose to go to school” that creates a different image in the mind and we are far less likely to feel trapped. Instead of feeling like we are compelled to do something, we did it because we’ve evaluated the pros and cons of our various choices and we chose the one we thought provided the best outcome.

For someone who doesn’t make a study of how our mind works in relation to The Law of Attraction, these distinctions might seem trivial or even silly. Let’s examine why they are so important to get right, however. If we feel like we are being forced to do something, aren’t we more likely to rebel? Who and what would we be rebelling against? Ourselves and our own best interests.

If a policeman shows up with flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, sure- you could choose to try and escape- and perhaps there is a little tiny chance you might get away with that, but the odds are that you’ll likely have to reorganize your schedule, your finances, and your relationships in order to accommodate what you’ll be doing next. In that way, the police officer didn’t “force” you to pull over (Not just yet, anyhow) – he gave you time to make up your own mind as to what to do. Feeling that you chose to pull over of your own free will, based on what choices you had at the time, is better than feeling the feelings you’d feel after you rolled the car over and were “assisted” out of the vehicle by several angry officers- so you made the wise choice and stopped to chat with the nice officer, instead. Yes, you might get a ticket… but that probably beats going to jail with cuts and bruises, or worse!

Our next discussion will center on free will and habit and the conflicts we create for ourselves involving our desire to make life easier on our brains. We’ll have more fun then, stay tuned!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Would I rather do what’s good for myself willingly or feel like I’m forced to do it?”

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