Daily Nugget of Gold 1130

To hold, you must first open your hand. Let go. “ – Lao Tzu

Daily Nugget of Gold 1130

Cleansing the Heart

We spent a couple of times together talking about getting worked up about a moral outrage we witness (“Witness” in this case, through the news- which- if we think about it, probably is a great argument on cutting back on it!) We then discussed the negative impact getting all emotionally upset over something like that has, in what happens with us with regard to The Law of Attraction. We talked about how any strong emotional state we dwell in begins to flourish. The name of the game with The Law of Attraction is to try and plant mainly positive thoughts in the fertile garden of our mind and move away from having negative emotions control our outcomes. But how?

The major players here are filtering, understanding, and forgiveness. We can filter out much of the negative info that we take in by not spending so much time availing ourselves and our minds to it. Understanding helps because instead of being focused on what happened, we try and look at what might have lead up to it. By far, the biggest and most important player in all of this is forgiveness. Many people say things like, “I could never forgive that” as if they were doing the guilty person a favor. This is where true forgiveness has lost it’s power of late. People believe that the guilty party somehow or in some way benefits from an act we cause to happen within ourselves. Well, in all honesty- they do- but not in the way most people think.

Forgiveness is an act where we cleanse our own heart. In forgiving, we let go of the anger, hurt, rage, and frustration. We release revenge, jealousy, hurt, or pain. In forgiveness we focus on developing within ourselves a loving heart. We seek our Spiritual center- the quiet- deep within us. What don’t we need to do to forgive? We don’t have to tell anyone about it. The person who may have committed the act doesn’t even have to know we’ve forgiven them. We don’t need to associate with that person but we do release any and all negative emotions or feelings we had towards them and for what they did or might have done.

Addressing what we said about in the second paragraph about a benefit the guilty party DOES enjoy through our forgiveness, well that’s another story entirely. We mentioned that the person doesn’t need to know and that we don’t have to tell anyone of our forgiveness. So how could it benefit them? Next time, folks. Until then, why not get into the habit of forgiving everyone for everything they’ve ever done to harm you in any way, and also take a moment to completely forgive yourself for whatever you may or may not have done to harm yourself or others before you lay your head down at night? You’ll sleep better. And that’s just the start of the magic of forgiveness!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Why not just release what causes us pain?”

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