Daily Nugget of Gold 1140

If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone” – John Maxwell


Daily Nugget of Gold 1140


Majority Rule


We like to speak in lofty terms of the positive qualities of democracy. As an extension of our discussion last time about authority and where it comes from, democracy is a worthy topic. Clearly there are some advantages to democratic society. What about a monarchy, though? Are there some advantages with having one person decide everything? That depends on who that person is and what they believe, doesn’t it? If that person if fair and just and is benevolent to their subjects, perhaps there are some advantages.


Is it possible that a democracy could be on the wrong side of things? Well, the history books are filled with examples of that, too. If you have ten people in a room and nine decide to torture an kill the other one because they want what’s in his pocket, does that make the majority right? Make no mistake about it, majority rule can and often does lead to tyranny.


Our point in all of this is that no government is perfect and, of course, some are far less desirable than others, but just the same- our ability to succeed in life has more to do with who’s running the show between our ears than who outside of us does what. In every society, in every form of government and in every style from capitalism to communism, there are winners and losers, if you will. There are people who make a difference with their fellow human beings from all walks of life and under every set of conditions. Even under the unimaginably difficult control of the Nazis in a concentration camp, some people used their mental powers to overcome those staggering odds against them.


Sure, we want to work to change things for the better for everyone, but few people understand or recognize that the battle begins not within our world, but within our own heart. It doesn’t end there, of course- for what we craft within ourselves becomes the reality we enjoy or curse from there.


It sure is tempting to try and change things beyond ourselves- one reason is that we really don’t believe we need to change. Another would be that we really don’t enjoy the process of changing ourselves, for this means we have to learn new ways to think and do things. Still, if we want things to get better in our world, we don’t have to look very far for a good place to start, do we?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to embrace change within myself to get ahead faster?”


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