Daily Nugget of Gold 1142

If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart” – Arab Proverb


Daily Nugget of Gold 1142


Giving Thoughts


What does a mind focused on finding new ways to give without harming others have going for it? That mind would have to be convinced that it finds itself living in abundance, wouldn’t it? The Law of Attraction is something that responds to our thoughts- we can be a person who gives someone something and feel that we’ve made a sacrifice doing so and that’s one thing. It’s quite another thing from a “feeling perspective” to give from a heart overflowing with joy because we believe we have been blessed with so much more than enough that we must find ways to share what we have.


What is this feeling of sacrifice we speak of? The fear that we will either have to do without now, or possibly not have enough later. Those feelings spring from an attitude of lack, not abundance. It came to us that the action of giving can’t be the thing that springs The Law of Attraction into action on our behalf, for it’s not so much what we are doing but what we are thinking that evokes a response from this law. A person in fear that they will get cancer often brings cancer upon themselves through the mobilization of The Law of Attraction that the mental state of fear brings about.


So with giving, it’s nice that we give, but if we keep our minds focused on opening up new avenues of giving from the resources we have and the resources we believe we can procure, then we call into action The Law of Attraction to bless those thoughts with whatever is needed to make our gifts to humanity possible. If we do this successfully, we will not only have cracked the code about helping others but we will also bring more than enough in the way of blessings to our own lives as well.


Now, while the mere thinking of new and better ways to give will get The Law of Attraction into action, our subconscious mind is going to be alert as to whether what we are thinking, long term, matches up with what we do. There is wonderful news in all of this folks- that is that we absolutely do not need even two nickels to rub together to get started in receiving the blessings we desire. All we need is a plan for how we intend to share those blessings and the commitment to follow through and our subconscious mind won’t get in the way by sabotaging what we’re doing. The Law of Attraction will respond, but there are some stipulations in all of this- which we will cover next time we get together, deal?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


If I could freely give away anything to anybody, what would that be?


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