Daily Nugget of Gold 1143

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu


Daily Nugget of Gold 1143


It’s The Thought That Counts


We were talking about how The Law of Attraction will respond to our thoughts about giving- in particular- to the queries we might make of ourselves about how we can give more, how we can expand upon what we are presently doing as far as giving goes. We don’t actually need to follow through and give for the law to respond, but there’s a major catch to that. The Law of Attraction gives us more of what we feel, what we believe ourselves to be, in short- what we are. Fortunately, we can change who we are. We can even lay plans to give what we don’t even possess yet. If it is our honest intention to give and we believe both on a conscious and subconscious level that we will follow through as soon as we have the means- the law will provide us with those means.


So what could go wrong with all of this? Well, for one thing- if we don’t honestly believe we will follow through and give, then at some level- most likely in a deep subconscious level- we will have fear, guilt, or doubt internalized. Anything we’ve got within us, any impurity of thought, will come to pass within our world as manifested reality. Any pure and clean thought- clean and free of worry, doubt, and disbelief also will come to pass. This is where a childlike belief system comes in handy. Children don’t know all the reasons why something might fail to happen, they just know what they want. Thus, kids get their way a lot more often than adults do. That’s probably the reason for all those McDonald’s ads on TV on Saturday morning, the company has figured out who’s really in charge of Mom’s purse and Dad’s wallet.


For most of us, this stuff doesn’t come easy. Of course, we are also fully aware of the fact that we could say it’s easy as pie and it would be- at least for the person staring us in the mirror in the morning. Every phrase we utter, every thought we think, every passing idea either adds to the purity of our positive thoughts or eats away at them.


Want some good news? With practice, we can get better at producing the results we want. We want to be practicing all the time, with every thought we can grab onto and turn into our chosen desire. For the time being, lets just stop focusing our attention on the resources we lack and instead think about what it we could do if we had an unlimited amount of love, money, joy, and enlightenment with which we might bless other people with and then let’s plan to do just that. If we do this with what amounts to blind faith that it will happen, then it must. It will happen not by a matter of chance, but by an unfailing result of Supreme law.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


Whom would I benefit, how would I do that if all things were possible?”


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