Daily Nugget of Gold 1145

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement… let me go upstairs and check.” – M.C. Escher


Daily Nugget of Gold 1145


It Also Works for Receiving


We spoke of how The Law of Attraction springs into action when we occupy our mind with the kinds of thoughts centered on giving. One thing we could point out about that is that when we are focused on how to give more, we are also feeling better about ourselves as human beings. Even hardened criminals love to be known for their generosity. We once knew a guy who ripped off thousands of dollars worth of electronic gear. Aside from feathering his nest with the proceeds of his stolen goods, he also gave many of the items away to family members. It was very awkward for the guy when he got caught and had to return all of that. Being generous with what we have is something that sings in our hearts- no matter who we are.


There really isn’t much question in that we can count on The Law of Attraction to come to our aid in giving. All we really need to have this happen is the intention of helping others and the good vibes we adorn in doing so streamline the process. But… what about when we want something for ourselves? Does the law turn a blind eye to that? Nope. The law responds to what we think and feel, or in other words- to what we are on the inside. Consider that all we need do in order to get this going for something we ourselves want is to ask for it, believe we will have it, and if we manage to stay in that happy, positive state of expectancy, it will be ours for the asking.


Some clarifications on that- some things to watch out for: Believing we don’t deserve something- that could be a roadblock. All the physical things of this universe aren’t physical at all, except that we think them into existence in the first place. We can think ourselves into poverty just as easily as we can into wealth. If we understand that all formed things are secondary to thought, then we’ll have less trouble creating what we want. No, we as Spiritual beings didn’t set it up this way, but we live in it. Items in the “real world” are about as real as items in a video game. If the writer of a video game puts gold into one treasure chest and a sword in another, which treasure chest cost more to make? Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? There’s no difference in price because neither the gold nor the sword are real. Understanding that our Spiritual nature and our thoughts are the only things which are actually real in our world is a game-changer.


We are infused with a sense of right and wrong, too. Usually, that’s a good thing. Like anything in life, there are ways to pervert even this. We’ll go more into that aspect next time, but for now- just remember that whatever you are asking for in the form of physical things must have it’s existence in your mind first, otherwise you couldn’t ask for it. It’s as real there as it is in the “physical world” because – as physicists have discovered – the physical world is almost certainly an illusion.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I ask for right now that I really, really want?”


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