Daily Nugget of Gold 1146

Guilt upon the conscience, like rust upon iron, both defiles and consumes it, gnawing and creeping into it, as that does which at last eats out the very heart and substance of the metal.” – Robert South


Daily Nugget of Gold 1146


The Sense of Right and Wrong


We left off last time with a mention that our sense of right and wrong is usually a good thing, but on occasion it can get us in trouble. Many folks might not understand how something so basic to our human nature could end up harming us somehow, but we think within a few minutes today, we’ll likely clear that up and give our readers some strategically based solutions to help keep that from happening.


Before we get into solutions, let’s see how this sense of right and wrong can work against us. Our subconscious mind is the seat of our memory. Every experience we’ve ever had is recorded here and as we look at whatever we’ve done- much of the time we’ve labeled it “good” or “bad”- we’ve passed judgment on each thing. That’s by design, of course. We are supposed to learn from the mistakes we make. We aren’t perfect, but in this way our sense of good or bad, right or wrong helps us by shaping our behavior so we are more consistently doing what’s right.


So what’s the problem here? Often times people look more at what they did wrong and forget all the things they’ve done right. The reason people might do this could be that the feeling of guilt created a bigger impression than the feeling of joy from doing something noble or good. It could also stem from the tendency of the world at large to focus on the negative. So how does this inhibit us as far as The Law of Attraction goes? We are as we think we are. If we think we don’t deserve the things we want, we won’t get them- or if we do- we’ve insured that something will come in to sabotage or spoil the experience. Some folks are really, really good at getting whatever their heart desires only to see it blow up in their faces time and time again.


We really are good people, deep down inside. We want to get better at fully and completely forgiving ourselves for what we have done- intentionally or not- that we should not have done. We want to be just as careful to do this as we are in forgiving others. If we want to be great at something worthwhile, forgiveness is that thing. We aren’t perfect, but then no one else is, either. By cleaning up our self-image problems like this, we get rid of this notion that we don’t deserve the unlimited bounty available to us and every other person. Another way to help keep our boat afloat would be to dwell on our past successes instead of fretting about all of our missteps. McDonald’s had it right a long while ago when they said, “You deserve a break today”. You do.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How do I make absolutely sure the forgiveness I grant myself is as complete as that which I offer others?”


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